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Athlete of the Week: Josie Campo


Sophomore Josie Campo has been a starter on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team since her freshman year, as she excels in her position as an outside hitter. On October 24th, Campo played in the game against Archie Williams High School, where she exemplified her astounding skills. Campo had eight sigs and twelve kills according to the Marin IJ. Additionally, in the game against Marin Catholic High School on October 12th, Campo got seven kills and a whole twenty-seven digs for her team. This is Campo’s first year as floor captain, a floor captain’s job is to communicate “when my coach has something to argue or when there is a call.” Campo explains.

Campo has been playing volleyball since she was 11 years old and loves the sport as well as her current team at TL! “I’ve gotten to know everyone really well, and we have a very good connection. We’re all super friendly, and all like the sport a lot.” Campo says it with enthusiasm. She also commented on how much she loves playing volleyball and the joy it brings her. “I love volleyball because of the competitiveness and how every person on the court is needed; it’s not a one-person job, and everyone is able to contribute somehow,” adds Campo.

 Campo shares the lessons she has learned from volleyball and how it brings the community together. “I’ve been able to make a lot of new friendships and meet other people from the sport. It helped me become independent as well as have a good work ethic, determination, and motivation.” Campo states. 

Campo shares some of her favorite things about her team. “We all can get along no matter what grade level we’re in; freshmen and seniors all get along, and we all support each other and lift each other up.” This is always important to have when partaking in a team sport such as volleyball.

Campo and her team’s hopes for the rest of the season are to make it to the second round of North Coast Sectionals (NCS) and maybe even round three. “It’s basically for state playoffs,” Campo explains. 15-year-old Campo is already looking into colleges and aiming to get recruited by the end of her sophomore year. “I’m hoping for D2 or D3 for beach volleyball, not indoor volleyball,” Campo says. She’s going to start reaching out to colleges in a few weeks! 

Campo has a lot of exciting things to say for the rest of her sophomore volleyball season. “I’m just excited to keep playing against these top teams in the MCAL League because they push us to do our best.” Campo also adds that “they can be really challenging opponents, which makes us really have to strategize and plan out how we wanna face them during the game.” Josie Campo has come so far in her volleyball career. She is already impressing so many people, and with only two more years to go, Campo will be achieving many great things in her high school career. 


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  • J

    JonOct 30, 2023 at 2:42 pm

    Awesome story – Way to go Josie!