Remembering Jameson Zamlich

The Voice collected memories and stories from his close friends and teachers who remember his presence on campus and in their personal lives. Resources to assist all of the families involved, including Jameson, with their medical and funeral expenses are also included.



On the first day of January 2023, a memo was sent via ParentSquare by Principal Dunlap to families and students informing them that Terra Linda High School Junior, Jameson Zamlich, died from injuries sustained in a car accident on December 29, 2022 in Novato along with another student from Novato who also passed away and other students who faced serious injuries. Jameson was a student who interacted with many and left behind memories from the people he knew best. 

Close friends and teachers of Jameson were compelled to share their thoughts and comments. Sara Frack, a Terra Linda science teacher, mentions, “Everyone is feeling the loss, it will never be quite the same.” Frack emphasized, “I don’t think you ever forget when something tragic happens.” 

Teacher Alex Robins contributes, “I only got to work with him for one semester, but I appreciated he was a smiler. He was a really sweet person that was obviously very well liked.” Robins continued with, “He was the kind of person to reach out. I called on him one day and he didn’t know the answer, and he wrote to me that night, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t know.’ He was a good litmus test to see how things were going. Just a really sweet kid and a big loss.” Robins reassured, “I think as we get into a normal schedule it will be easier, but we will still have these little moments.”

Cole Simon, a Terra Linda junior, and close friend of Jameson shared an experience he had with him; “The biggest memory I had of him was over the summer. I worked with him. We just really gained a good bond together.” Simon also added, “I think he is in a better place, and keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and never forget him.”

Gabriel Grijalba, a Terra Linda junior, reminisces, “So I met Jameson sophomore year when I transferred from Redwood. He was the first person to open up to me. He was the kindest person I knew. He was kind of the person that brought me into the school with open arms. He was so much fun. It is definitely weird and we all talked about it on the Basketball team. We all know he’s gone, but mention it, it feels like he’s on vacation.”

Terra Linda English Teacher, Mackenzie Bedford, describes the contagiously positive presence that Jameson had on those around him. “He always came into class with a smile on his face and very obviously brought joy to others. Always at the center of friends, his laugh and comments were frequent sounds whose absence has left our classroom feeling a little bit more empty.” Bedford goes on, “While it feels so strange to not see him walking down the halls or coming into class, I see how resilient everyone is and am so proud of my students who continue to show up and continue to find joy.”

Danielle Leaf, a student from Novato Unified School District’s NOVA independent study program, also passed away from her injuries in the crash. GoFundMe pages for her funeral expenses and for her family have been set up. The Leaf family has gone through tragic losses in the past years and her mother, Cindy, has not been able to work due to health complications, according to their GoFundMe page.

Another Terra Linda student, Thomas Middleton, was also involved in the accident. He sustained injuries during the crash but is expected to make a full recovery receiving therapies for his head, lung, and hand. Thomas is also a varsity player for TL’s basketball and football teams.

Crystal Stone, a student from San Rafael, was also involved in the crash. According to her GoFundMe page organized by a Terra Linda student, Greta Moniz, she was taken to Marin Health Medical Center where she was placed in a medically-induced coma to recover from her injuries sustained in the accident. Updates provided by Moniz indicate that Stone was transferred to Stanford Hospital to help her recovery. Stone was also reported to have been breathing on her own without the assistance of breathing tubes but still remains in a coma. “Her family feels positive [that] Crystal’s strength and determination will help her on this long road to recovery,” updated Moniz on Sunday.

Emma Gaskell was another victim of the five-person crash. A family fund on GoFundMe has been set up for her family and their expenses for her medical care.

GoFundMe pages were created for all of the victims involved in the crash and are all available in our Instagram bio in our LinkTree.