BeReal or BeFake


Savannah Seidler

Two minutes, two cameras, one app, has taken the social media stigma by storm. Between Generation Z and baby boomers, BeReal has hit big. The popular social media app has been stomping on social media stigmas for the past couple of months. The hottest new media app has been known as the anti-social media app.

Once a day, a random two-minute timer will go off. With a strict no filter and no photo editing feature, many find this app to be extremely authentic—an issue that social media today faces. The app uses front and back cameras that are simultaneously used to capture the true moment. With this app, redos can be taken as many times as one wants. And the amount of attempts can be viewed by other users. Users cannot see others’ posts until they have posted themselves.

Sometimes, BeReal’s random timer comes at very inconvenient times.
Courtesy @mfscraniel on Twitter.

With Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to come off as perfect and flawless; BeReal is a reality check to all, showing that no one’s life is as flawless as it may seem. TL sophomore Makena Reyes commented about the goal of BeReal, “It’s a lot different from other apps, obviously you’re not mandated to post, on other apps you can only see when people post when they feel like it. Sometimes there are bad parts, people are sitting in their room, and the best part is, no one cares.” Unlike other apps, the ability to get famous is not possible. For some this attracts attention, and for some it repels. Instagram, and Tik Tok has given others opportunities to gain fame. 

The app has seen a 2,254% increase over the last year according to TechCrunch, and has over 10 million active users per day. Most people appreciate the realness of not being able to use filters and inability to edit photos. Followers are a worrisome factor to some and BeReal has friends, not followers. The number of friends and people you subscribe to are not visible to anyone but the user. This gives a lot of reassurance to some. Terra Linda sophomore Camden Franjeiah, “I compare my followers to a lot of people I know, on Instagram I look at it all the time.”

With BeReal, you have the ability to post late and the app will indicate that your post was delayed, whether it’s 12 seconds after the notification has been posted or 24 hours. Having a timer and showing when it is late captivates the users to be on time, and show everyone what they are doing at that moment.

Created by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau and released in France, this app has come a long way to gain popularity in the United States. At first this app was most commonly used by college campuses, due to an ambassador program. 

After the users’ BeReals have accumulated, the pictures will be shown throughout the months. The times will be available to look back at and see the memories which have drawn the attention of millions. 

Some believe the app won’t last long. An anonymous student at Terra Linda high has said, “it takes a lot of energy to give into every social media trend, especially new apps.” The student doesn’t feel like constantly having to give in to trends and thinks the stigma around social media app trends are only a distraction. 

Transforming the standards of old social media apps is attention grabbing. BeReal has single handedly changed the social media stigma by storm.