Taylor Swift’s Career Comeback (at Terra Linda)


Photo Curtesy of Getty Images

Noah Handy and Libby Robinson

Taylor Swift is a world-renowned singer-songwriter, country-pop music celebrity, and dancer. After her first single, “Tim McGraw,” in 2006, she quickly rose to fame and hasn’t stopped dominating the charts since. Everyone has heard of Taylor Swift; she’s inspired many in and out of the music industry for many reasons, especially after navigating ownership disputes and fighting to regain the rights to her music. She’s shown what it means to stick by what you believe in any scenario. This may explain why she’s gained millions of followers and why that number seems to constantly increase. On Spotify, she has around 64,931,388 monthly listeners to prove this. 

Swift was born in Pennsylvania; however, her family sold their farm to move Swift closer to Nashville to help jump start her singing career in such a music-oriented city. A big label first recognized her in a cafe. She went on to sign and produce a total of 11 albums currently. 

Terra Linda High School students are no different, there are many who like to listen, analyze, and follow Swift. Recently, they formed a new club this year to celebrate and bring Taylor Swift’s fan community together on campus. “More people need to hear her music, so we want to share how good it is,” said Terra Linda High School senior Delaney DeGraves, who started the club with a few of her friends, Ella Baumert, Molly Young, and Hailey Gillespie. Some club members found their passion for Swift when they were young. “I first listened to Taylor Swift when I was nine years old; I heard it on the radio,” said senior Hailey Gillespie. As a club, they want to share the enjoyment they feel listening to Swift with others. They felt this club would be a great way to inspire new fans within the school community. They were right with this prediction. At club day, their sign-up sheets were full of names of students wanting to become involved. 

Taylor has recently announced her new studio album “Midnights.” The album will feature fellow pop superstar Lana Del Rey and will be a modest 13 songs. The hype for this album is real; Fans have been waiting patiently for two years, including the club. The Taylor Swift club will be holding an album release party on Oct. 21. “We can all listen to it and talk about it together. I don’t think anyone is prepared for what is going to come.” Some fans have moved on, such as Neo Rachines, a junior at Terra Linda High School and a certified Swifty, the name of Taylors most hardcore fans, since he was seven. “I’m more excited for the new Yeat album. I can see that Taylor is taking a lot of inspiration from him, like the Yeat bells in her newer music,” Rachines remarked.

“Midnights” is just another stepping stone of many for Taylor. With nine studio albums, headlining five massive tours, and passing through career ups and downs with elegance, Swift is truly a pop icon that is here to stay. Stop by the Taylor Swift Club at Mrs. Crawford’s room 302, every other Monday at lunch and join the Remind: @swiftiec to keep track with the latest news with Swift.