Letter to the Editor: Reduce Don’t Produce

This letter was submitted and approved by: Jamie Schmidt and Mia Schlotman.

Jamie Schmidt and Mia Schlotman

Wondering what you can do to help fight climate change? Something people often overlook is how much one bin of food waste in the landfill affects global warming. Food waste is one of the leading contributors of climate change. When food waste gets thrown in the landfill and gets processed, it releases methane–a greenhouse gas that is around 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This is an issue that is somewhat easy to fix if people are willing to change certain habits. Composting is one of the most effective ways to divert food waste from landfills. It is something that every household should have and use. If more people used their compost bins, we could reduce methane emissions, which would help stop climate change. So, if you don’t currently use a compost bin at home, add one! Every small action makes a difference. And make sure to follow @paintedbins, a non-profit working with a MarinSEL class, on Instagram for more information.