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The Bell is Back Home!


One city, one bell, two teams, and a rivalry dating back to 1962. The Bell Game is a tradition that packs the stands with San Rafael residents year after year. After the Trojan’s 18th-year winning streak, the last few years have left us without the bell. Thanks to the Football team’s hard work and dedication, they saved this season with a victory, bringing the bell back to its rightful home! 

Going into the game, TL was (5-5,2-3 MCAL) eighth in the division, while SR was(5-5, 1-5 MCAL) fifth in the division. TL was down 7-0 in the last moments of the second quarter. With only forty seconds left on the clock in the first half, Senior Running Back and Middle Linebacker, Jonah Truett (#5), jumped the route and returned it for a touchdown, tying the game to 7 all leading into the second half. 

With SR up 14-7 Senior Quarterback, Garrett Pardo (#10), made a 1-yard touchdown pass in the first play of the fourth quarter, setting the Trojans back at a tie. A 29-yard pass from Pardo to Senior Wide Receiver and Cornerback, Jackson Scollan (#3), and a 4-yard scoring run by Pardo, was just what the Trojans needed to cap the game off at 21-14. 

This victory not only sent the Trojans forward in NCS but also cut off SR’s two-year streak with the bell, after TL’s eighteen-year streak starting in 2002 with Head Coach Joe Ayoob as the Quarterback. Ayoob expresses his pride in his first year of TL coaching, “The team worked hard all year to improve week in and week out. I’m extremely proud of how they showed up and played last Friday night. I couldn’t be happier.” 

Not only are the coaches proud of the team, but many players credit their hard work to the coaching they’ve received. “The last four years have definitely been filled with struggle but at the start of this season with the new coaches, Joe and Marcus, all of them started pushing us more and we’ve really improved.” Senior Left-Tackle, Cole Simon (#72), expresses gratitude for the team’s coaching. 

Junior Linebacker and Running Back, Dylan Kraus (#7), explains that this game has been on the team’s minds all season. “The Bell is Back! I was happy to be a part of this long, hard-working journey all year. With pride on the line, our team really dug deep and gave 110% this past Friday.” With so many people of all ages in the stands, the Bell Game is the time for the Trojans to showcase their improvement and dedication to the team. 

Senior Tight End and Middle Linebacker, Billy Pierce (#24), reflects on his Trojan football journey, “Senior year Bell Game has been in the back of my head since I started playing football my freshman year. To be able to represent all of the students, alumni, and fans of our program and be able to play in the electric environment that our fans provided was an amazing experience that I and my teammates will never forget. This year’s team has worked harder and come together closer than any of the past three years and it really paid off.” Junior Wide Receiver and Defensive Back, Mateo Pattani credits his teammates, “I knew the boys would boss up and represent TL.” 

Ayoob adds, “It was the Seniors who won us the game. And the Bell.” With the lead-up of their entire high school football careers behind them, the senior Trojans gave it their all under the lights last Friday. Kraus expresses his gratitude to Truett, I was extremely grateful for Jonah Truett all throughout the season, but especially this game. The relentless effort and leadership Jonah gave to the team on Friday really contributed to the team’s win. He played amazing and his care for the game really rubbed off on the team.” Truett didn’t stop the whole game, he kept pushing, and like Kraus said, he played a big role in the Trojans’ victory. 

Garrett Pardo held a lot of pressure as a Trojan Quarterback, and he lived up to the challenge. Pardo states, “We played great, we knew what we had to do and executed. Beating SR has been at the top of my goals for football and we finally achieved that. I’m so proud of my entire team for pushing themselves so hard throughout the season. See y’all in the playoffs.”

The entire Trojan community is extremely proud of the football team and the victory they brought to TL. As the entire student body rushed the field in celebration, the epitome of Trojan Pride was in the air. As Junior Offensive Linemen Brendan Burke (#50), states, “Change Came.” Good things are on the horizon for Trojan Football! 

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