Project Lit Book Club Visits Bahia Vista Elementary


Kendra Rose

Bahia Vista students reading along with Project Lit.

Charlise Lin

Terra Linda High’s own Project Lit Book Club visited Bahia Vista Elementary School in San Rafael. The book club met with a class of second graders to do a read-aloud of the picture book “What Do You Do With a Problem” and in the end, each student was gifted a copy of the book to take home. According to TL’s Head Librarian, Kendra Rose, contributed “our Project Lit Book Club came up with the idea, hosted a bake sale fundraiser, and chose the book. We wanted to share books and literacy with our community.”

The high schoolers and elementary school kids alike were ecstatic to partake in such an opportunity. Co-president of TL’s book club, Sophomore Emma Onstott stated she wanted to take part in the visit. “I like spending time with younger kids and hearing their unique perspectives on things we might consider every day or boring,” Onstott contributed. The impact that high schoolers can have on elementary schoolers developing reading habits, and a love for reading compared to adults telling kids to read is immense. Elementary schoolers tend to view students of a higher grade in a more positive light and think that they seem cooler and look up to them. And since they’re closer in age, they also feel that they can relate more with them. Whereas when it comes to adults or figures of authority they tend to feel like they have less say in matters and tend to want to reject their ideas.

This visit allowed kids to see reading as something cool instead of something they are obligated to do. Bahia Vista Elementary School Library Media Assistant Suzely Sanchez states, “As a librarian, I strive for students to have a personal choice about what they read and not make it into a chore. This experience was one that made students see literature as a fun thing rather than something to be done.”

Not only were the TL students being the ones to visit important, but the book read was incredibly important as well,  as is the moral of the story. The book “What Do You Do With A Problem” is a story about someone with a problem. It teaches the lesson that by conquering your fear of said problem, within each one there holds a unique opportunity to learn and overcome them. Book Club member and sophomore, Salem Bezard advocates that, “problem solving and knowing how to tackle a problem is a real life skill that is not easy to learn, and just knowing about the concept will give the kids a head start.”

All of the high schoolers who attended spoke highly of the experience and kids. Onstott says, “I had a lot of fun! The kids were a little shy at first, but after a while, they warmed up and were very talkative and fun to be around.” Bezard states, “They were super chatty and friendly, and I really felt like I was inspiring the next generation.” The second graders were super excited to find out they got to keep the books and had a wondrous time.Due to the success of the trip, another excursion shall occur. Rose says, “We will absolutely be doing it again. We actually purchased the next book, which is Berry Song.” According to Sanchez, this was the first visit of the sort to Bahia Vista and she “look[s] forward to [the next visit].”