Athlete of the Week: Ava Jorgensen

Ellie Gilbert

In her final year, Senior Ava Jorgensen is a  standout athlete playing lacrosse for the girls varsity team at TL. Shining in her varsity team since her freshman year and showcasing her many talents on the field,  Jorgensen, a midfielder, averages 3.7 goals per game and leads her team in assists–totaling 44 points so far this season. Jorgensen is ranked 5th place in the Northern Coastal Section (NCS) stats leaderboard with two “Player of the Game” awards from Maxpreps, but as the season continues there is no doubt that she will only rise. The girls’ varsity lacrosse team is currently at a 6-4 record after suffering a loss to Tamalpais High School. To no surprise, they have bounced back even stronger for their next game against San Rafael High School. Jorgensen played exceptionally well against SR on Thursday, pushing her team to the finish line with five goals alongside teammate Nola Gabbard with three goals leading them to a 11-6 win against the bulldogs.  

Last year, Jorgensen endured a season ending ACL tear, but that never stopped her from supporting her teammates and motivating herself to come back better than ever. This is Jorgensen’s first year being a team captain, and that role means a lot to her as an athlete. “Being a team captain to me means leading by example, and being someone that your teammates can rely on. I want to be someone that can be there for my teammates and someone my coaches can depend on,” she said. “Team bonding is really important to us, all of my teammates are great people so it makes it really easy for us to have a good connection on and off the field.” Being a team and a leader is crucial to this athlete as she continues her successful season. Jorgensen plans on attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she hopes to continue her lacrosse career through clubs.