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Wrestling Athletes of the Season: Kylie Lee and Tristan Collins


Kylie Lee:

Freshman Kylie Lee stepped onto the mat ths previous season having never before wrestled, and simply blew everyone away. Kylie has played many sports and wanted to try something new this year, and decided to join the wrestling team She was just as shocked as anyone to see how far she was able to come as a newbie in the wrestling scene. Prior to wrestling, Lee had done Jiu jitsu, which taught her some skills she carried on to the mat. 

Lee describes her season as fun, but above all, exhilarating and challenging. She grew immensely in both confidence and skill over the course of this past season. Joining the program as a first-time wrestler, and the only female freshman was intimidating, but she was up for the challenge. Lee credits a lot of her success to her teammates, explaining that they all provide support and help one another improve. Lee describes the team’s dynamic as, “a supportive wrestling family.” 

Teammate and wrestling partner, Junior, Olivia Zabierek, vouches for  Lees dedication to growth. “Considering this is her first year wrestling, she has shown immense resilience and growth. She’s already an amazing wrestler with the capacity for greatness. I couldn’t ask for a better practice partner and can’t wait to watch her grow and continue to destroy her opponents.” Lee is an incredibly focused and  determined individual who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Lee sets an inspiring example for all Trojans, wrestlers, or not, for her bravery and perseverance as an athlete. 

In just her first year, Lee has accomplished great things, winning awards and medals along the way. Her greatest achievement this season was coming in second place at a varsity tournament where all of her opponents were upperclassmen. Lee is excited to continue her wrestling career throughout her next few years at TL. Make way for Trojans, we will be seeing amazing things from Kylie Lee!

Tristan Collins:

Junior, Tristan Collins has shown incredible dedication to the wrestling program throughout his time at Terra Linda.  Collins has been wrestling since eighth grade and has been a part of the Terra Linda’s program for three years now. His favorite aspect of the sport is the comradery. Although wrestling is an individual sport, Tristan explains that the highs and lows, both mentally and physically, create an exceptionally strong bond between teammates. Wrestling is an incredibly strenuous and physical sport that requires whole body strength. On a regular basis, the wrestling team will run three miles as their warm up, as well as weight training, and even more cardio, all before beginning to wrestle. While wrestling is very physical, Collins believes he has most improved in the mentality he takes to the mat. “It’s all about being able to control the adrenaline rushing through you. I like to focus on making one move at a time.” he shares. 

Senior captain and teammate Brian Carvalho attests to Collin’s added value to the team, “Tristan always shows up ready and willing to work hard and inspire others to do the same. He is a strong role model for all of his teammates, younger and older. He is truly an inspiring wrestler and person.” As Carvalho is graduating, Collins is excited to step up to the position of team captain in his senior year. 

The wrestling community has been a significant part of Collins TL experience. He explains that his teammates have seen him in so many different states and have been there for him though it all. Collins elaborates on his wrestling friendships, adding that he has also made many friends on other teams, despite the intensely competitive matches. Collins shared that an opponent once broke his nose, and the next year he invited him to his birthday celebration. Not only has Tristan learned from his teammates, but his coaches whom have taught him so much these past few years. While they push the players hard, it pays off in the form of growth and improvement. Collins appreciating his coaches,, describing them as “the father figures I never had.”   

Collins showed up to every practice and match ready to put in his all. He beat many opponents this season, but his greatest achievement was his 3rd place win at the Green and Gold Tournament at San Marin High School. Collins had a wonderful season, and is bound to do great things in his senior year!

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