Athlete of the Week: Rashell Diaz

Annie Carmona

Rashell Diaz, a sophomore, part of the girls varsity soccer team thrives as she has been playing for varsity since her freshman year. In fact, last year she had two goals, two assists and six points in her season. Outside of playing for Terra Linda High School’s soccer team, she is a part of Marin Football Club (MFC). Diaz states, “ Club soccer is both good and bad, the only thing different is that the competitive levels are much higher.” Diaz is always practicing and improving her skills whether that is with TL, Marin FC, or on her own. Marin FC allows her to grow as not only an individual but also as a team player as well as helping her refine her skills. 

Diaz has been playing soccer for around five years now and hopes to continue through the rest of her high school athletic journey. She is a dedicated athlete who devotes her time everyday  practicing new drills and making sure she can conquer the challenges she faces. Occasionally in her spare time, she will do extra practices twice a week on top of team practices and games. Diaz comments “I usually work on skill building, speeds and depth perception.” All of the extra work Diaz puts in reflects very well on the field by giving her more proficiency and accuracy, when getting around defenders going straight to the goal.

Rashell was one of only a few freshmen that made the varsity team their first year of high school. With that opportunity, Diaz said “It made me happy, I was able to prove myself that I made the team for a reason and that I will give it my all.” She expressed that the team was very supportive and always there for her. 

Becoming close with the team over the last two years is very important to her as well. She states “We are all really close together and joke around a lot, but when it’s time to focus, we focus.” Her favorite aspect of the sport is being able to play and connect as well as creating chances, and then winning. Coming towards the end of the season, she remarks “I hope that we all enjoy the rest of the season, not stress each other out and do our best.”