Another Successful Improv Fest!


Wesley Applegarth

TL Drama students onstage at the Improv Fest.

Silvia Alfonso and Silvia Alfonso

Terra Linda High School is known for their terrific drama department. Every year, the Improv Fest is held in the Performance Center and all the advanced drama students participate. It consists of various games where the students have to think fast and come up with a clever and funny response. Some favorite moments were created throughout the game called “Director.” This is a group game where three people act out a scene and two people play as directors, with the directors making changes and the actors applying the directors’ directions to their scene. The show carried on with other fun games like Superheros, Five-Minute Musical, Irish Pub Song and more. Junior Lily Diaz says, that “it was the first and best Improv Fest that I’ve been to.” The show was filled with laughter and craziness, making it an annual favorite for Terra Linda students.