Artist Spotlight: Akimbo4s

Noah Handy

In the vast world of internet rap, there are hundreds of genres. Plug, Plugnb, Jugg, Glo, Hypertrap, in addition to many more. There’s one genre that doesn’t fit any classifications and that is known as #gibhop. 

Akimbo4s, 21, also referred to as Gib, has amassed a cult-like fanbase with his eponymously named style of music, gibhop. With beats that can only be described as jolly, silly lyrics delivered in a unique tone, and catchy flows; Gib has created a style of rap like no other. 

Akimbo has been releasing music since 2020 with the song “Told You!” He said, “Me and Gage have been doing little guitar and piano concerts since we were young lads but I got back into making music after high school when I moved to a farm.” Gib writes. “I didn’t have service or nothing so I made music in my freetime.” continued Gib. 

Akimbo’s biggest song “Gib Galore,” has over two hundred thousand plays on Spotify and one hundred thousand plays on Soundcloud. His hit song got some love on TikTok, “I don’t love using TikTok as my main way of promotion, but until it really catches on that I’m making good music, I’ll probably keep using it,” Gib explains. He still loves his TikTok fan base regardless, unlike other rappers in his position. 

The current underground rap scene is very internet-based, with different niches and communities coming together to form one musical movement. In the scene, listeners are extremely focused on futuristic, dark, and moody aesthetics. This is due to rappers like Destroy Lonely, Yeat, and up in comers such as Hardrock, all are pushing this very cold vibe. Gib is doing the exact opposite, bringing in a cheery yet somewhat nostalgic feeling, back into the music. “I’m super disconnected from the scene but I like everyone in Rx and I like (DJ) Lucas and Cayo. And of course Henny too.” Gib lists.  

In everything Akimbo does he further refines his aesthetic, down to the way he dresses. Gib is a very eccentric dresser; cladded in fur boots, brands like Rick Owens, Hysteric Glamour, Issey Miyake, and Magico, Gib’s brother Gage’s very own clothing brand, you can see their lookbook on Akimbo’s website. “I just do me I can’t credit anyone for the way I dress,” Gib remarks.  

Akimbo’s newest single is “Minecraft Bedrock”, which is to be released on Jan. 27. Gib has a 25-state tour also in development. If you haven’t listened to him before, now’s the time to do so, you can say you were there early; Gib says plainly, “The world is going to be mine.”