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Wardrobe of the Week: Megan Buckley


In the crowded and diverse hallways of Terra Linda High School, it’s a guarantee that you’ll spot Trojans of all grade levels rocking their most fabulous and unique outfits on a day-to-day basis. No matter what one’s fashion taste is, a remarkable and unmatched outfit at TL never goes unnoticed! At TL, fashion plays a significant role in expressing individuality and creating a sense of belonging, allowing students to showcase their personal style and express themselves creatively with no limits. 

According to junior and rising fashionista Megan Buckley, fashion means wearing what makes you happy. Over the course of her high school career, Megan has shown up to school day in and day out in her best, most admirable outfits. As the school year unfolds and fashion trends evolve, here is a glimpse into Megan’s wardrobe of the week! 

Megan loves switching up her outfits and tries to advance her style as much as she can. Buckley states “making outfits is fun for me. If I’m wearing a good outfit, it makes me feel good.” As her fashion taste has transformed throughout the years, Megan describes her current style as, “Y2K, coquette, and grunge.” In terms of her old style, Buckley recalls, “I used to kind of just throw on whatever, but now I really pay attention to what matches and what goes well together.” 

One of Megan’s favorite fashion rituals is color coordinating and having a keen eye for details regarding what matches what. “What I do is start with something that I know I just want to wear, and I kind of just bounce off of that. I try to find similar colors with that, and I’m a really big fan of wearing accessories that’s the same exact color to match it up,” Buckley shares. Additionally, Megan always picks out her outfits the night before school and chooses a staple piece before deciding on an entire outfit. 

For many, outfits and personal style reflect one’s personality. Megan, like her personality, loves to wear vibrant colors and adds more of herself to her outfits to complete the entire look, like accessories, ribbons, and “cutesy little stuff.” Not only are Megan’s outfits impressive, but they inspire other TL Trojans. Buckley reminisces, “Someone told me that they color-coordinated their outfit because I did, and it made me feel so good about myself.” In terms of color coordination, Buckley exclaims, “A lot of people tell me that I remind them of the color pink. As you can see by the all-pink outfit right now, there’s a lot going on!” 

In a single day, Megan mentioned how she receives around five to fifteen compliments solely on her outfit. Buckley exclaims, “It is so validating and inspires me to keep it going!” In terms of taking risks with her outfits, Buckley admits, “Sometimes I feel as if people might think I’m doing too much, or as if I’m trying too hard, but I don’t let it stop me.” 

As we explore Megan’s weekly wardrobe, her style is heavily influenced by 80s and 90s fashion. According to The Pearl Source, a blog that touches upon fashion, style, and luxury trends, “the words ‘big and bright’” sum up 80s fashion. Likewise, according to The Apopka Voice, a news publication located in Florida, “it was all about being big and bold” in the 90s. Like Megan’s style, she implements both aspects of 80s and 90s fashion into her own interpretation and creates incredible and unique outfits! Buckley states, “I really like wearing colors. I try to wear vibrant colors compared to wearing a ton of dull colors.” Additionally, Megan utilizes Pinterest, an application used for style inspiration, and TikTok, a social media application for short videos. Buckley reveals, “I definitely use Pinterest, and I do follow some accounts on TikTok that are all about fashion. I follow a few accounts that just post what they find at thrift stores, and those inspire me a lot.” To complete her eye-catching and vivid outfits, Megan gets most of her clothes from Amazon, Depop, thrift stores, and her mom’s closet! 

As the week comes to a close, Megan’s wardrobe of the week stands as a testament to her fashion expertise and individuality. Each outfit has been a masterpiece, showcasing her impeccable style and leaving lasting impressions on students. The next time you see Megan Buckley strutting down the halls of TL compliment this Trojan’s unpredictable yet striking outfit!

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