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Terra Linda Student Unions


Terra Linda High School(TLHS) has  five different student unions. These student unions are important to have on school campuses because they serve as platforms for students to speak out, feel safe, and connect with students with similar experiences. 

  One of the student unions that TLHS has is the Asian Student Union (ASU), which is held every Tuesday. This union is currently run by Juniors Chloe Hu and Charlise Lin. Hu mentioned how in ASU they always try to make people feel comfortable and have fun. This year ASU held a fundraiser where they sold goodie bags of different sizes filled with Asian snacks. ASU is also planning on having more events and fundraisers this year. “Hopefully, the events we hold will help educate people on campus and reduce racism.” she stated. ASU is open to allies as well. “Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be Asian to join,” Hu added.

TLHS’s second student union is the Black Student Union (BSU). This year Seniors, Zohie Betts and A’Niyah Ford, are running the club every Thursday during lunch. An event they have held in the past was the BSU summit where multiple BSU’s from across the country came together and had an event called One WISH(Wellness, Identity, Self-Love, and Hope).  One wish created a space for black students to come as a community and focus on their well-beings.“We are planning on hosting an event called Black History Night celebrating black history, with music, food, and other activities,” said Betts. Something BSU would like people to know is “We have a lot of fun together and make each other laugh while still being able to have serious conversations,” commented Betts.

Our third student Union at school is the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA). GSA is held every Monday during lunch and is run by Juniors June Meadows, and Salem Bezard. Events GSA has held in the past or participated in are coming out days which is a day where people celebrate members of the LGBTQ+ community coming out and days of silence. According to Meadows “day of silence is where students don’t talk to recognize all the people who can’t talk and come out about their sexuality.” GSA is currently working with staff to have teachers make forms for students to share their pronouns and names they want to go by at school and with parents. GSA is doing this to “make TL more inclusive by respecting pronouns and gender identity,” said Meadows. Something GSA would like people to know about their club is that everyone is nice and welcoming to new and old members.

Another union at TLHS is the Jewish Student Union (JSU). This is currently run by sophomore Ben Smulewitz and Senior Emilee Rosenstein, every Thursday. This year JSU has helped co-run United Against Hate Week, promoted conversations about world issues, and hosted a Hanukkah party for people to come together and learn about Jewish culture and eat foods.  A way they are making TLHS a safe place for students on campus is by creating a place to unite. “We hold spaces for conversations about antisemitism and a space for Jewish students to connect and find a smaller community on campus,”  commented Smulewitz. JSU is a safe space for everyone, “We are an inclusive club for all and we welcome any and all people that are allies for Jews and want to learn more about our culture,” said Smulewitz.

  The next Student union we have is the Latino Student Union. This union is run by senior Maria Colocho, Alba Flores, and Celeste Ruiz, every other Friday. Initiatives they have taken in the past were working on posts for United Against Hate and are currently working with Canal Alliance to do workshops. Something Colocho wants people to know about their student union is “ everyone is welcome to come and you don’t have to be hispanic to bea part of it, and that we have big plans.” In addition to that she mentioned the importance of having LSU on campus “it’s important for people to be able to connect with people that share culture and experiences.”

Additionally we have the Latinos Cultural Affairs Committee (LUCAC). It is currently run by seniors Alanis Ramirez Alvarado,and Jennifer Vasquez Rayes, every Monday. Events they have held in the past were holiday fiesta, partnering with the Associate Student Body (ASB), and having a Hispanic heritage night. According to Ramirez “We are also planning on helping our community and having a drive.” Something they want students to know about their committee is that it is an entertaining place to be, “and have a space where you feel welcomed which can be hard in a big school” exclaimed Ramirez.

Student unions are crucial for a safe school environment because they create safe spaces for students so they can come together as a community, amplify their voices, and unite.

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