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Slide Showdown, Birkenstock vs UGG



Since 1774, Birkenstock has made shoes that provide comfort, durability, and support. Although, Birkenstock really took off in 2023 and has become a fashion staple for many students here at TL. Whether you have the famed Clogs or the renowned Arizona model, Birks provide comfort and last for a long time if you take care of them properly. Anyhow, we’ll take a deeper look at the social media influence, aesthetic, and the Birkenstock scene at TL!

The amount of attention Birkenstock received on social media skyrocketed as lots of fashion influencers either posted about having them, or wanting them. Though, the fame is deserved, as Birkenstock prides themselves on creating high-quality footwear that will last for the long haul if properly maintained, and you can’t forget about the comfort factor! Numerous celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Leonardo Dicaprio have been seen wearing Birks. Even though Birkenstock doesn’t specifically advertise their product, social media has transcended their popularity to a different level.

Styling Birkenstocks is very easy as they can go with anything and you can easily pick an outfit and color-coordinate as much as you want. They also have this old-school aesthetic that makes them go well with baggy denim. Terra Linda students can be seen wearing Birks year round as they are a very versatile shoe (except when it comes to rain), however this isn’t the case for UGGs, which are the biggest competitors of slides at TL. Since UGGs are only prominent in the winter time they aren’t as versatile as Birkenstocks. Sure you could wear them during summer but who wants sweaty feet? Birkenstocks are the more breathable and viable option. TL Junior Benjamin Marcondes who owns a pair of Arizona’s remarks, “I wear Birkenstocks because they’re comfy, stylish, and very durable.” He continued on about his preference for Birkenstocks over UGGs, “Uggs are made for winter, where Birks can be worn whenever, regardless of weather.”

Regarding price and availability, the most popular Birkenstock models that are finished with suede and Birko-Flor® Nubuck are the Clogs and Arizonas. The retail price for the open-toe Arizona model is $110 pre tax. Additionally, the Clogs that are finished with suede-leather cost $160 before taxes. These prices aren’t necessarily cheaper than buying a pair of UGGs, however, you can wear Birks for years, because they are the shoes made to last!


Originally made for Australian surfers in the 1960’s and 70’s, UGGs have come a long way. From being worn on beaches, in schools, offices, and even in your home, this shoe is versatile and can be frequently worn. Gaining popularity, this shoe quickly spread amongst surf culture in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Popularity, style, comfort, and durability, are most people’s top priority in picking out a perfect shoe, which can all be found in a pair of UGGS.

All across Terra Linda, you can see people wearing UGGs of all different styles and colors. Junior, Ellery Logan, describes UGGs as “comfy and easy to wear. UGGs go with everything and are super cute.” Terra Linda’s fashion scene has been enhanced ever since UGGs came into the picture. Whether you got them for Christmas, or before, this shoe brand rose to popularity, and are an awesome gift to receive. Students and teachers throughout Terra Linda have shown off their own personal style of UGGs. The most popular style worn at TL are the Tasman slippers. This shoe is worn by guys, girls, no matter the color or style, and  is an all around perfect shoe to wear. Coming in second is the classic UGG slipper. The classic sheepskin and fleece combo is perfect for wearing indoors and outdoors. This slipper is made with 100% recycled polyester fibers. From sleepers to sneakers this brand has it all. 

This brand has gained their publicity and popularity by increasing the diversity in their company. This brand started off with just boots, the same color, the same material. Now UGGs has over 400 variations of shoes! Uggs also sells hoodies, sleepwear, kids apparel, household items, and handbags. This brand has had the opportunity to expand themselves, and gain more traction over the years. They have also seen an increase in sales by celebrity endorsements, such as,  Pharell Williams, Drake, and Haley Bieber. These famous celebs brought in the right kind of attention, for UGGs, and they continue to gain popularity through celebs. In 2011 they had their first men’s campaign with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and this brought in fans and publicity which benefited the name and profit of the brand.

UGGs are an everyday, any weather, and unbeatable shoe. 2023 was the year of trendsetting. UGGs and Birkenstocks have become the two most popular shoes of the year. Going into 2024, with the gain from last year, Birkenstocks revenue of 2023 came to 1.6 billion dollars, with an increase of 22% from last year. While UGGs earnings from 2023 was 2 billion dollars, with an increase of 500 million the previous year.  Some have said Birkenstocks can be uncomfortable, and not worth the money. For example, UGGs classic slipper retails to about $110, while Birkenstocks classic shoe the Arizona retails for just about $170, depending on the material and details of the shoe. These two shoes have been competing for popularity, attention, and approval.

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