Junior/Senior Prom 2023

Jasmine Smith

Prom 2023 was held at The Pearl in San Francisco on Friday, May 12, 2023. The theme was the Roaring 20s which was inspired by the culture and fashion of the 1920s. The whole venue was decorated along with the theme as well. A DJ curated music, some chosen by students beforehand, paired with food options like a dessert bar that had donuts, a chocolate fountain, and a selection of mocktails. 

The Pearl, located in San Francisco, is the multilevel venue where prom was held. It consists of a rooftop terrace, a second floor landing with an assortment of food options and photo booth, and the main floor held the dance floor and DJ. “I really liked the venue, and The Pearl was really pretty,” says junior Kiki Chapman. Although many students appreciated the extensive desert menu–including the donuts decorated with TL’s school colors–they would have liked appetizers and real food as well. “I would have appreciated tacos or something easy to eat,” Kiki Chapman adds. 

Many students often order a party bus or limo to get to prom, which is frequently the most fun. People enjoy getting ready with their friends and listening to music on the drive over. “The party bus was really fun, we got to blast music and control all of the lighting,” says Kiki Chapman. Promposals are also a huge part of prom season, complete with cheesy sayings and cheap posters. There was even an instagram account created to share pictures of peoples promposals and their posters. Terra Linda High’s instagram account was also able to share generous amounts of information about prom, including the theme and important information, which helped increase the anticipation surrounding prom. The dress culture at Terra Linda is also a large part of prom for many girls, as it is known that seniors wear long dresses, while juniors are expected to wear short dresses. A student even created an instagram account for juniors and seniors to send in a picture of their dress to ensure that two people did not wear the same dress.

This year’s prom was very fun, and students enjoyed the music and venue especially. There was also a photobooth for students to capture fun images with their friends. 

Some believed that this year’s prom was a downgrade compared to last years. Some believed the music was too quiet, but many enjoyed the playlist, along with the DJ this year. Prior to prom, ASB sent out a link that allowed students to submit song requests for prom ahead of time. Delaney De Graves, a senior in ASB, along with Hailey Gillespie, were the ones who have been working hard all year to ensure that this prom was the best yet. Delaney mentions, “It definitely worked out better than I hoped and expected,” and many students would agree that prom exceeded their expectations. For many juniors as well, having never experienced prom before, they were not sure what to expect. Emilee Rosenstein, a junior, states “I expected it to be similar to the TL dances, but it was really different.” Many students can agree that this year’s prom was planned perfectly and a super fun experience for everyone.