Hard Hit: Sports in a Pandemic


Ellie Gilbert

From the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic up until  today, sports have taken a hard hit, from wearing masks during games, to getting tested before every match. Sports’ (especially contact sports) rules and regulations have changed drastically. “Wrestling during the pandemic is stressful  because even though we’re wearing masks it’s still a high contact sport,” remarked Jessica Ralh, a 3rd year wrestler.

An example? Wrestling. According to wrestler and team captain Trinidad (Trin) Gallegos, wrestlers will be tested once a week and will be required to wear masks during practices. During  matches, the only things players will be able to rely on for Covid safety is once a week testing and hope that their opponent is negative and vaccinated. “I’m pretty worried about going up against other schools. We have no idea if our opponents are vaccinated or not,” Trin stated. 

Sports like volleyball and basketball will require players to wear masks during games and practices to ensure the best Covid safety possible. Other sports like water polo, swimming, cross country, track and field, soccer, and football do not require masks, being these are outdoor or aquatic sports. 

So, what can you rely on when you play a sport with no masks or required vaccines? Every athlete knows that a big part of playing a sport during Covid, even with all the changes in regulations, is trust. According to water polo player Petra Angstenberger, “We all tried our best to be as safe as we could. We had to trust  each other that we were being safe and constantly wearing masks.” Even with all the safety measures put in place, it will be interesting to see the effectiveness of them and to see if all schools will make Covid-19 Vaccines mandatory, especially when it comes to sports. Athletics are such a defining part of many students’ high school experience, and while changes are necessary, at least the games are back on! One way or another, we are back in contact.