Pandemic Hits


Nate Baluda

In 2021, even through the lockdown, the music industry continues to flourish unfettered. Artists and labels have continued to grow in success over the years due to the growing popularity in music especially on music streaming platforms such as iTunes or Spotify. Let’s look back and see some of the songs from this year so far. 

Most recently with the controversial release of the music video MONTERO (Call me by your name) by Lil Nas X on March 26, bringing up issues related to LGBTQ+ discrimination. In only five days, on March 31, he has obtained over 27 million plays on Spotify. These numbers will only continue to grow in the following weeks as the song continues to grow in popularity.

Not everyone thinks that “Call Me By Your Name” by Lil Nas X lives up to the hype. Freshman Aaron Moore  explains , “I think the song was utterly average. There were only a few parts that could be considered good.” Although Moore believes that some parts of the song could have been improved and maybe lengthened. “I did like a few parts of the song though, and I can see why people have been enjoying it.”

In addition to this there was an album released by Justin Bieber on March 19th, one of his songs being Peaches with nearly 182 million streams on Spotify as of April 13th. This was one of the more popular songs on his new album, called Justice. Another song on the Album is Holy feat. Chance The Rapper with almost 412 million streams on Spotify.

Some other songs have been popular recently but came out a while ago. For example in 2019 on March 4th “Suge (Yea Yea)” by Dababy came out, and now is becoming a hit due to internet pop culture. According to Freshman Finn Stenback, “It’s personally not my favorite genre but I did enjoy the song. It’s not my absolute favorite, but I enjoyed seeing what all of the recent memes stemmed from.”

Other people enjoy different types of music. For example recently on March 5th, Leave the Door Open, by Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak) was released, and climbed the Billboard charts. Recently with it’s success many people have enjoyed the hit. Freshman Lucas Valdes says, “I thought it was really good especially when compared to all the other recent songs.” “I don’t really have any problems with it, I grew up on lots of R&B, Jazz, Bob Marley, and it gives a wave of nostalgia.”

Throughout the recent months even though the pandemic stops us from physically connected to one another, there are plenty of ways to connect through different hobbies and outlets, with music being a prime example. Different music genres and songs will continue to rise and fall, but most people can agree that there have been some pretty good songs, and albums in just the recent years alone.