Meet a Trojan: Jordan Kardashian


Uma Bourne, Contributor

Sophomore Jordan Garcia, well known as Jordan Kardashian, is one of the most fabulous students at TL. He is a makeup-loving queen, who hopes to be a cheerleader during the basketball season. Jordan is caring and filled with talent. Some the talents he flaunts across the school include dancing, cheering, and showing off his impressive makeup skills. Jordan loves showing the students of TL his incredible makeup since it is always done precisely and looks absolutely gorgeous. His perfect eye and lip makeup tend to make his peers jealous, so I had to ask about the products he uses.“For my makeup I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics,” Jordan explained. When asked about his plans for the future, he responded with “I want to be a doctor because I would love to save lives.” Garcia’s mom is his role model in life because she is extremely special to Jordan, and he says that she has instilled several of his desirable qualities in him, including his strength, kindness, and perseverance against the difficulties that come in life. Along with doing cheer, Jordan is great at dancing. With or without music, Jordan is almost always passionately dancing his heart out. Jordan’s lively spirit brings many of the Terra Linda students together, and he’s an amazing piece of the puzzle that makes up our school. Be sure to look for Jordan Kardashian around campus!!