Dress Code Double Standard

Shaun Weber and David Tow


Terra Linda High School spearheaded a plan to start enforcing the dress code this year. This weak attempt has been sparingly imposed by random teachers at random times, but at the homecoming rally, any dress code that might have existed was completely obliterated.

To raise the spirit for sports, students set up a game to exemplify all fall sports: football, tennis, golf, water polo and cross country. During the rally’s game, a waterpolo player dressed in nothing more than a speedo – a practically naked boy, at school, breaking the entire dress code like humpty dumpty when he fell off the wall.

The first rule of the dress code clearly states “Shoes and shirts are required always.” I saw no shoes and definitely no shirt. Secondly, “clothing must be worn as it is intended to be worn,” So why is a speedo worn outside a swimming pool allowed? The next broken piece part “personal parts of the body should be appropriately covered.” Clearly the “personal parts of his body” were not appropriately covered by the millimeters of fabric in that speedo. To top if off, the dress code directly addresses, “Bathing suits, sports bras and see-through or fishnet fabrics are not appropriate school attire.”

This clearly sexist interpretation of the dress code is exactly why students are having problems taking it seriously. While a boy can run around in a mere speedo, a girl can not have visible bra straps. The reasoning for this is that bra straps could cause a distraction for other students. While I do understand that this was during a rally and not directly during a learning period, it does send mixed messages to students who are already confused about what they can and can not wear. Either the school should fix these sexist and misleading rules or get rid of the dress code altogether.