Meet a Trojan: President Guy Lyons

and Daniela Gocobachi

Describing himself as witty and handsome, Guy Lyons is a sophomore at Terra Linda High School. This funny “guy” is passionately involved in school athletics, playing football, basketball, and lacrosse; in addition, he’s involved with the innovation club. Guy is his birth name, as he was named after his parents’ friend. However, as a child, he wanted to change it to Charles simply because he liked the name. Ironically, his spirit animal is a tiger, rather than a ‘lyon,’ due the fact that he was given a necklace with a tiger at his preschool graduation. Since being elected as Junior class president for the 2018-19 school year, Guy has felt not only empowered, but that he “can (generally) make a difference.” His number one priority as president is to increase the dances to an “adequate littness level.” He believes he can achieve this with better music and less security. President Lyons’ dream college is Harvard business school because he aspires to be like the Wolf of Wall Street. He idolizes Will Ferrell because “he lives a life of joy and spreads happiness.” You can spot Guy Lyons at school as he is very tall and has an iconic blonde mane, usually sporting a gold chain and a dazzling watch.

P.S. ladies, he’s single and looking for a “girl with a nice personality.”