Fantastic Fall Favorites


Nicole Service

Oh, Terra Linda nice to see you again. Everyone is so excited to smell the constant smell of mango juul vapor down the hall and seeing the grotesque things that clog up the toilets. Why not start a new school year with new music. This playlist is a compilation of our (Allison and Nicole’s) fall favorites! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them!!!! 


  1. We Fell in Love in October by Girl in Red

 Having relaxing guitar and drums behind her angelic voice, girl in red is one of my favorite artists. Her songs are normally about having love interest and she’s very open about being lesbian in her songs. We fell in love is my favorite by her because the lyrics talk about how falling in love is so beautiful and how being in love can make one see the world with rose colored glasses. Don’t we all want to see the world like that?

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  1. Pristine by Snail Mail- 

Lead singer Lindsey Jordan has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. Alex Bass, bassist, Ray Brown, drummer, and Madeline McCormack, guitarist/keyboardist have so much musical talent that not a lot of artists possess these days. Unlike Girl in Red’s song, Pristine is about a break-up where the person hasn’t moved on entirely from their ex. Having such an amazing climax in the song which gives me the urge to scream the lyrics I know by heart. 

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  1.  Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier- 

This song is amazing for helping you feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Almost (Sweet Music) is such a soothing song to listen to because of its soft yet groovy beat. If you’re having a stressful day at school or if you feel like dancing with your partner, listen to this song!

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  1. White Tiger by Izzy Bizu- 

The combination of Izzy Bizu’s high pitched voice, guitar, piano, and drums, White Tiger is one of the best songs to have a dance party too. Whether it be getting ready for school or driving in the car singing along to the lyrics is just too irresistible. 

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  1. Orpheus Under the Influence- The Buttertones. Another great song to dance around too, this song gives one motivation to get out of bed. The guitar and drums create a relaxed by hyped beat. 

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  1. Lavagirl by Haroinfather-

Haroinfather is progressively becoming more and more popular. The vintage instrumental that was a twist of modern day hip-hop. We can’t forget about haroinfather’s deep voice that raps over the beat. Overall this is a great song to listen to anytime. 

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  1. No Quarter by Led Zeppelin- 

Don’t even get me started. I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin because my father is an avid fan of Jimmy Page and John Plant. This song is one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard for many reasons. John Bonham’s drums behind Jimmy Page’s epic guitar solo at the very beginning of the song is some of the most talent I’ve ever heard in my life. John Paul Jones’ magic on the keyboard is also catchy. Overall I love their music, but No Quarter is definitely one of my favorite songs. 

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  1. Berkeley’s On Fire by SWMRS- 

This is one of SWMRS’ angstier songs on their sophomore album. Sometimes school makes you feel like a bag full of angst and make you do something a typical teenager would do (if you plan to do something dangerous please don’t do it since it may lead to a situation where you may regret doing it in the future). The rest of the album fits with every mood out there, so if you’re feeling any other emotion you could listen to the other songs.

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  1. Saint Ivy by Beach Fossils- 

If you’re looking for a good song to relax too, this is one of the best songs to listen too. Since school’s back in session that means all the stress, you lost over the summer has come right back. However, Saint Ivy produces relaxing beats created by the drums, guitar, and even the flute. 

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  1. Prom Night by Chance the Rapper- 

Chance the Rapper’s first mixtape, 10 day, is one of the most underrated mixtapes of all time. I’m super surprised people have never heard of it before. Prom Night is a relatable song because it describes Chance’s high school experience leading up to prom night. This is a great song to listen too if you’re hanging out with your friends, going for a walk, or just chilling at home. 

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We created this playlist to not only share our favorites, but also to capture the beginning of the school year mood. The beginning of the school year can bring us excitement, stress, and/or the dread of waking up before 7. On the other hand, school can even bring joy (of being one year closer to graduating and getting out of here) and be relaxed at times.