Good News #3


Uma Bourne and Uma Bourne

Animal Protection in Norway

It is not uncommon for popular designers to use animal fur for coats, dresses, bags, and more in the fashion industry. However, the process of how theses major companies are able to obtain such large amounts of fur directly from living animals is barbaric.The Norwegian Government recognized this abuse of innocent animals- and put a ban on these so-called “fur farms” that are responsible. This means that as of 2025, all traces of any fur farm in Norway will be completely vanished, in justice for all the animals who have suffered abuse in the name of fashion and in hopes of protecting many future generations of animals to come. Hopefully  other countries will take similar steps to eliminate animal cruelty, as over 56 BILLION farm animals alone are killed each year by humans. Some trending companies that hold responsibility for killing creatures for clothing include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, and Burberry. If Norway’s legislation can ban fur farming, so can ours- so make sure to spread the word and encourage others to help end animal cruelty!

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