Good News #2


Uma Bourne and Uma Bourne

Good News #2: Kind Words From an MVP

Most people might believe  believe Tom Brady, the three-timing MVP and five time Super Bowl champion, lacks a basic interest in other humans due to his impressive accomplishments. However, one of Brady’s recent acts of kindness shows that sometimes even the most well-known and talented people take time to acknowledge others.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Thomas Brady has always been very close to his hometown of San Mateo, California. Many of the locals who have known Brady for the entirety of his life adore him, as the greatest quarterback of all time still has many ties to the Bay Area. When tragedy struck a family friend of Brady’s, he let the family know that he cared. Kirby and Sean Riley, the family grieving over their beloved son who was shot back in 2016, let the press know that Tom Brady didn’t just send this family a card, email, or text- he poured his heart out in a handwritten two page letter giving the family his sincere condolences. The family stated that their healing process was greatly sped-up, and Brady’s act of kindness helped regain their faith in humanity after the act of violence that ended their son’s life.

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