Good News #1


Uma Bourne and Uma Bourne

Good News Column #1- Dedication to Education

Not all children around the world are as lucky as we are to go to school everyday- we know this. However, we may not be aware that in countries such as India, schools are less common and tend to be very difficult for children to get to every day, especially in the mountainous areas of India, such as Gumsahi.

One very dedicated father of three in the village of Gumsahi recognized that his three sons spent six hours walking to school every single day. He didn’t want children to have to endure this dreadful route everyday- so he decided to help out by carving out a 5 mile road that stretched from his home village in Gumsahi all the way to another village called Phulbani, where his children went to school. This was not an easy task- the man, Jalandhar Nayak spent five years making this path with the little money he had as a vegetable farmer, a pickaxe, a garden hoe, and his bare hands. This labor of love has gained Nayak the appreciation of thousands- from the children who have an easier time getting to school to recognition from the Indian government. Keep this in mind next time you complain about your ten minute walk home! 🙂

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