Young Goofy Dew

The social music platform, Soundcloud, is changing the way new artists get their music out into the public. A lot of the music submitted into Soundcloud is rap music as it is the most popular and upcoming genre. Even Terra Linda High has some of its own rappers posting tracks on the platform.

Young Goofy Dew, Josh Carvalho, quickly gained followers after releasing his first and only song, “Daffy Duck”. Carvalho started free styling in 7th grade for his friends and they soon convinced him to start recording and posting it online. A couple weeks after he released his first song, he started to sell “ Young Goofy Dew” merchandise for $15 a shirt. “Money ain’t a problem,” Carvalho exclaims, “The merch changed the game, because it showed me who my real fans are.” Carvalho’s first customer, Joe Disanto says, “Young Goofy Dew is hands down my favorite artist on Soundcloud. His merch is the best in the game.”

Terra Linda students reacted fondly to Carvalho and Carvalho quickly gained over 1,600 plays of “Daffy Duck”. He sees music becoming a career and plans to pursue it in college, which he hopes will be University of Southern California. Carvalho says, “The ladies appreciate the fact that I don’t dehumanize them in my music.” Rap culture often discriminates against women, and Carvalho does not wish to perpetuate that prevalent aspect. Carvalho says that he has no trouble with women because they love rappers. Because of his popularity amongst Terra Linda students, Carvalho plans on making much more music with other local Soundcloud rappers.

Lately, Carvalho has been mentoring local artist and making music with them. “They have a lot of potential,” Carvalho confidently exclaims. The local artists that Carvalho works with are on the move to becoming very popular and features on “Young Goofy Dew” songs. The future has a lot in store for local artists like Young Goofy Dew, and most of them are ready for their exciting careers ahead.


  1. I’m pretty sure rap is older than you, Matt! But I love this funny article about a great kid with a musical future!


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