Playlist of the Week

Playlist of the Week #3

Are you too broke to pay for Apple Music or Spotify Premium and all you have is Soundcloud? Want to hear new underrated soundcloud rappers? This week’s playlist features unpopular songs by unknown rappers on Soundcloud.

  1. BLANCO-felly
  2. Decent?[Prob. By CAMB]-CAMB
  3. Livin the Dream-Slim B
  4. OZ-Willsmith01
  5. Friday-dae zhen
  6. Golden Ticket(Prod. Nic Brem)-Noah NorTH
  7. EVRY THNG NVV (Prod. Lasik Beats)- .Peter $un
  8. Red Violet (prod Cássio)-Trip Carter
  9. Splurge-Felly (Prod. Jay Dee)- AJ Romaniello
  10. Theme Song(feat. Matt Burton)-Urban Etiquette
  11. Good Time-Ace Parker
  12. Lemonade prod. By austin jaye- david becher
  13. INTROVERT(prod. By JP On Da Track)-GYYS
  14. foreign(prod. By kojo a. X nicky quinn)-gianni & kyle
  15. Uber Everywhere Freestyle #S4TS


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