Finals: Playlist of the Week


Nicole Service

listening to music while studying calms me down and helps me focus. Here are fifteen songs that calm me down when I’m stressing out. Hopefully they will help you. This playlist consists of some instrumental songs that have relaxing beats that helps one focus. Other songs have vocals that are just as calming.

  1. Charlie Brown- Zach Farache

This song is instrumentals of a ukulele and flute which gives a relaxing Hawaiian vibe. Listening to the song on repeat not only calms me it helps me concentrate on my studies

     2. We Fell in Love in October- Girl in Red

Girl in Red is an unpopular, but underrated alternative artist. In my opinion, her voice is different than other artists because she has a magical voice that artists don’t have. The drums and guitar in this song also have a magical vibe that puts a smile on my face.

      3. Waiting for You( feat. Swell)- Verzache

Like Charlie Brown, the first song, this song has a laid back appeal. There are song vocals in the song, however, the are somewhat warped. The vocals do add a little bit more of a relaxing appeal. Personally, I listen to this song whenever I’m working on my hardest topics because the vocals and the instrumentals calm me down when I’m getting overwhelmed.

     4. Gymnopedie No. 1- Erik Satie

Erik Satie was a pianist who lives from 1866 to 1925. His music still lives on with his most popular Gymnopedie No. 1. Not only is this song good for studying, but it’s a good song to listen to before bed.

     5. In Quiet Rooms- Omn

In Quiet Rooms is by far my favorite song on this playlist. The song has a mix of electronic instrumentals and guitar. On top of the instrumentals there is a soothing voice that sings about a past lover and the heartache that follows the break up. In Quiet Rooms is a great song to listen to while going on a hike, going to bed, or studying for a hard exam.

     6. The Girl Next Door- Tomppabeats

Tomppabeats is a creator that creates “Lo-Fi,” music. Lo-Fi is not exactly a genre instead it’s a way to describe how the song is recorded. These songs and/or albums have low-quality sound, but are relaxing and are great for studying. The Girl Next Door has no vocals and is very short, but has a relaxing vibe that makes me think of a old Hollywood movie.

     7. 2009- Mac Miller

Made by the late artist, Mac Miller, the track 2009 is from his last album. The introduction to the song starts with a mix of violin, cello, piano, and a viola which leads into a dreamy instrumental. Over the dreamy instrumental, Mac Miller raps about how the times have changed.

     8. Until- Steven Jame$

Steven Jame$ is a rapper, however, his voice is very calming. What separates him from other rappers is that the melodies in his songs are not angry, instead they are relaxing and make one’s heart beat sync up with the beat.

    9. Over My Dead Body- Drake

Unlike most songs on this playlist, Over My Dead Body by Drake, is a hip-hop/rap song. Released in 2015, this song was the introduction to Drake’s album Take Care. The warped singing at the beginning with the combination of piano help me focus and overcome struggles I face. Drake does talk about his struggles in the song too.

    10. Roswell- Fog Lake

Fog Lake is definitely one of my favorite bands because the guitar in the songs give an indie vibe. Roswell is my favorite song by Fog Lake because the song has an innocent vibe that makes me think about a lot of happy memories I have.