Playlist of the Week

Playlist of the Week #2

This week’s playlist is a compilation of songs you wish someone wrote about you. But hey, it’s only high school. There’s probably someone out there for you. Artists like Russ and Beyoncé are featured this week. If you’re looking for the right song to describe all those feels you get when you see that special someone, this is the playlist for you.

  1. Rather Die Young- Beyoncé
  2. Complete- G-Eazy
  3. Gorgeous- Mansionz
  4. Mrs. Everything- Rob Curly
  5. Ain’t Nobody Takin My Baby- Russ
  6. Latch (Acoustic)- Sam Smith
  7. The Only Exception- Paramore
  8. Without You- Oh Wonder
  9. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)- Natalie Cole
  10. Anyone Else-Mike Stud
  11. You Make My Dreams- Daryl Hall & John Oates
  12. Wake Me Up- Ed Sheeran
  13. Baby I- Ariana Grande
  14. Suga Suga- Baby Bash
  15. Army- Ellie Goulding


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Nicole Service is a Sophomore. She is a editor of The Voice. She is of Italian and Native American decent, has two cats, and was born on September 23, 2003. Things Nicole enjoys is writing, the movie Scream, and Bryson Tiller's music. After Nicole graduates, she wants to go to Syracuse University in New York to study Journalism.