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A Guide to a Bay Area Holiday Season


The holiday season is approaching! Whether you’re staying home, visiting family, or going out anywhere in the Bay Area, there are plenty of things to do to enjoy your holiday season. Essentials in enjoying the holidays include spending time with the people you care about, giving back, and enjoying the things you love!

The Bay Area is one of the best places to be during the holidays. Amongst many places, San Francisco stands out because of its extreme holiday spirit. Union Square is filled with shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and an awesome ice skating rink available in the winter season. “One thing I enjoy exploring during the holidays is the community and vibrant nightlife of Union Square,” says Junior Shama Stropes. From the first of November till the 15th Of January, special events are held such as learning to Skate, Back to the 80s, Simba Saturdays, and silent skating. All of these events are family-friendly and open for whoever, whenever! The rink is welcome to people of all ages. Even if you don’t know how to ice skate, whatever level you are on, this rink is open for all. The shopping center ranges from Chanel to Target, which brings in all ranges of people. These stores are perfect for shopping for Christmas presents for your loved ones. Hotels in Union Square are also a great place to visit, having amazing decorations that go through months and months of planning and organizing to create the amazing festive decorations that give that holiday sparkle. Inside the Fairmont Hotel, lights, Christmas trees, and their famous walk-in gingerbread house bring the atmosphere to life for the holiday season! San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square has so much to offer like restaurants and Ghirardelli chocolate. “I most enjoy a warm cup of Ghirardelli Hot chocolate, after exploring the cold San Francisco city,” says Junior Sadie Jordan. Ghirardelli has the world’s largest chocolate wall in North America, and right down the street is Fisherman Wharf. You scan the scooter over and find yourself shopping & dining with the seafood in the bay!

The holidays are all about giving, and gift-giving is one of the most festive aspects of the season! Getting to see the faces of loved ones when they open their personalized presents, from you, is a feeling like no other. Here are some great gifts under $30::

Amazon Mini Pancake maker, is perfect for any easy breakfast morning, whether your on your way to work, or late to school, waffles are always an easy sweet treat 

Do you have a friend who is always losing their keys? The Apple airtag is perfect for them as it keeps their belongings nearby, and is easy to locate. 

If your phone is always dead or has  low battery this gift is the perfect lifesaver for those who drain their battery during the holidays. 

Baking with your friends, your family, or even by yourself, is perfect for the holidays as it brings an amazing smell into your home, as well as catering to a sweet tooth! Here are two easy Holiday recipes: 

This recipe is packed with spices, and flavor that you will already have in your pantry, perfect for an easy go-to recipe. Another recipe that you could bring to a holiday party or dinner, that is bound to wow your guests is with Spice Cookie parfaits, 

This is a very berry-filled recipe that keeps the holiday baking fresh and easy.

Eggnog lover? This No-Bake Chocolate Eggnog Crème Brûlée is easy, delicious, and can be prepped ahead of time to enjoy in the moment! ( )

Holiday movies are a perfect way to snuggle up by the fire, with a warm cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy yourself. A good movie is the perfect distraction from the chaos of the holidays. A family favorite, whether you are a kid, or just want to embrace the holiday spirit, is the 2003 comedy/fantasy film, Elf. If you’re in the mood to laugh, Home Alone is the movie for you! This movie is on the older side but will surely make you smile. Die Hard, is a fan favorite to enjoy during the holidays, 

Giving back during the holidays is one of the most important aspects of the season. Some ways to give back are donating or volunteering at your local food kitchen. It is most important that everyone is surrounded with warm food, and people to look forward to sharing the holidays with. The San Francisco Food Bank gives an awesome opportunity during the holidays to give back. Sponsoring a family is also a perfect way to give back to others during this time when everyone should feel appreciated. Giving gifts to a family that needs articles such as clothing, food, or even shelter, adopting a family for this holiday is a great way of giving back to the community, and people in need. 

The Bay Area’s Holiday spirit is unmatched, and it is among the most enjoyable areas to spend the holiday. Spending time with your family, giving back, and keeping yourself busy is vital in enjoying the holiday season!

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