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Meet TL’s New Teachers!


Terra Linda (TL) is lucky to welcome in so many new teachers! The school year is off to a great start and these new faculty members are quickly integrating into our community! At the “Welcome Back Pep Rally”, these new teachers were introduced to all of the students.

This year, TL is welcoming two physical education teachers! Our first teacher is Mackenzie Hawkins, who teaches 9th grade health and PE. This summer, she hiked in seven national parks in California and Washington. Hawkins used to work at Pittsburg High School. She mentions that a difference between her old school and Terra Linda is that TL has set rules that set students up to be more successful in their studies. “For example, the cell phone policy. I love that I do not need to get in power struggles with students about their phones, but instead, it is just an expectation that students respect,” Hawkins added. Something students should look forward to when having her as a teacher is that she is committed to helping kids succeed, as long as they are willing to try. 

The second physical education teacher is Timothy Simmons, who teaches PE and Earth Science. Simons was a double college athlete, playing football and baseball.  Simmons has taught at two other schools before TL, He worked at Napa High School and Pittsburg High School. According to Simmons “TL is much smaller and easier to maneuver around than my previous schools.” The reason he teaches these subjects is because he believes students need physical activity in their lives and they often forget the importance of it. Something students should look forward to is he tries to have  “a class that is both fun and diverse as far as activities and workouts/exercises, etc. I’m looking forward to making this an enjoyable class for my kids!!” 

New to our language department but not least, we have Erin Baskin who is teaching Spanish 1 and AP Spanish. Baskin lived in Spain for many years of her life! Baskin enjoys the Spanish language and hopes she can encourage others. Something students can look forward to in her class is that they “sing fun and catchy songs in Spanish and there’s always a Spanish playlist playing in the background.”

TL is also excited to welcome two special education teachers: Sarah Ashton and Shea Morgan. This year, Ashton will be teaching students from grades 9-12 with learning disabilities. An interesting fact about Ashton is that she taught in Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, Vermont, Tennessee, and Washington before she moved to California in 2011. A few days have passed since the first day and Ashton feels strongly about TL so far. “ I love it! Students are great and the teachers are super nice as well,” Ashton exclaimed. Something she noticed and enjoys about TL is that “TL has a block schedule so students can really dive into subject areas.” Something students should look forward to when Ashton is reading. She enjoys reading and loves to get students into it like she is. 

Our second special education teacher is Shea Morgan, who teaches CEC. Where students require emotional support in their classes including math, science, English, and history. He also teaches learning labs from grades 9-10. An intriguing fact about Morgan is that he and his family lived in Germany for seven years with the American military. Before teaching at TL, he worked at Novato Hill Education Center. So far, Morgan states “At TL I get to be part of a team where I can see my students and coworkers in the hallway. I get to knock on people’s doors and ask questions and I have felt very welcomed since I arrived.” Morgan teaches the subjects he does because, “I grew up in a home where my siblings struggled with physical, mental, and emotional needs that made their lives difficult. So through that experience, I grew compassion and experience and passion to help people like them.” Something students should look forward to in his class is practical instruction and being in a safe space to be oneself and learn about others!

Additionally, we also have two new math teachers who have joined us for the 2023-2024 school year. Our first math teacher is Christine Sierra, who is currently teaching Algebra B and Algebra 2 with students from grades 10 and up. Sierra shares an interesting fact, “I actually didn’t do well in school when I was in middle school, but something clicked for me in high school and I realized it was just my mindset holding me back. Because of this, I work to support students on their path to academic success!” Sierra is interested in teaching math subjects because she strongly believes that everyone is capable of learning math. She also thinks people are capable of learning difficult math problems if they put their minds to it. Because of this, students should look forward to problem-solving in her class and working collaboratively. 

TL’s second math teacher is Kate Anderson, who is teaching Algebra A and Geometry to students from grades 9 through 10 and a few upperclassmen. An interesting fact about her is she has dual citizenship in Denmark and the US. Before coming here, she worked at Davidson Middle School for seven years. Sierra’s reasoning on why she began teaching math is that “I have a background in mechanical engineering but I really wanted to do something more hands-on and helping kids learn, so this was a cool way to apply what I learned but be in a classroom teaching students.” Something students should look forward to when having her as a teacher is teamwork, getting help, and finding ways to enjoy and strengthen math skills.

Adding to the list of teachers, we have only one new English development teacher: Abigail Crome. Crome has lived in three countries apart from the US, she’s lived in England, Mexico, and Spain. This year, she is teaching ELD. Though, before TL, she was a Spanish teacher as well. Before coming to TL, she taught at San Rafael High School for 10 years. “ I love teaching languages. Learning Spanish changed my life for the better and I want to help others have that same amazing experience,” mentioned Crome. She looks forward to her students learning a lot from her class! 

This year we also have a new ASB and social science teacher named Ashley Ayoob. Stay posted for a special article featuring her and our new coach, Joe Ayoob!

All in all, we have so many great new faces on campus this year, who are excited to share their knowledge and kindness with each and every one of us, and are a great addition to the Trojan family! 

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