TL’s Take on the Upcoming World Cup 2022


Claudie Velazquez

The biggest sporting event that draws billions of viewers and football fanatics is here! After a long-awaited four years, it is finally time to face the excitement, passion, and sentiment of the 2022 World Cup! 32 national teams will compete for the glory of the trophy and hope to be named the best team in the world, along with the billions of devoted fans cheering them on. With the World Cup only days away, Terra Linda students and teachers have expressed their excitement and eagerness for this quadrennial tournament! 

Sophomore and Varsity soccer player Ryan Maldonado has followed the sport since 2014. He exclaims how his family revolved around soccer when he was young, and he considers himself a big fan. Maldonado shares, “The atmosphere is like nothing else because it happens every four years and it’s rare in the soccer world.”  

Although the World Cup is very inclusive, not every country can participate. Maldonado shares how his national teams are Peru and Guatemala, though both squads failed to qualify for Qatar. When asked which team he will root for, Maldonado says, “You know, every year it changes because my teams aren’t in the World Cup. I think this year it might be Argentina, just because I want to see Messi win.”

The World Cup is not only about the national teams, as many football fanatics are eager to watch certain players who could potentially have the 2022 World Cup be their last. Sophomore and Varsity soccer athlete Rashelle Diaz says, “I’m excited to see Neymar, Messi, and Di Maria… I basically grew up watching them since I play that position.” Oscar Gomez, an ethnic studies teacher here at Terra Linda, loves international football and is exhilarated because of the competitiveness this time around. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have impacted the football world in many ways, and this being their last World Cup has made the tournament more emotional for many. Gomez says, “I’ve seen these players play and do amazing things no one else has done. It’s like a bittersweet thing because this is probably the last World Cup you’ll see them in, the last major tournament maybe.”

For the grand debatable, and contentious question, both Maldonado and Diaz believe that Brazil will most likely win the 2022 World Cup. Maldonado exclaims, “I feel like Brazil has a strong chance. They’re not hit hard with injuries like the other teams have, and I feel like they have those players that are comfortable enough to win the World Cup, and the age as well. They’re not too young, and they’re not too old.” Diaz adds, “I feel like Brazil has a stacked team.” 

This time around, the World Cup is taking place during the winter. As a result, many games will occur during school and at inconvenient times. English teacher Kaj Kibak remarks how he will not allow his students to watch the games during class; however, he will update them on the scores. “I understand that the World Cup is a unique situation, so I think it’s about communication; making sure what we are doing in the class is important enough that students are engaged.” Kibak has made a bracket prediction in his classroom and expressed his firm opinions on Denmark winning the entire tournament!

According to Mr. Kibak, Denmark will be the final winner of the World Cup 2022. (Claudie Velazquez)

Although the World Cup is a popular and widespread sporting event, the Fifa corporation has had some controversies affecting the fans and the sport. Mr. Gomez exclaims how there have been many humanitarian issues with the World Cup being held in Qatar. “People’s rights have been violated.” Maldonado adds how the Fifa corporation “Does not want what is best for their fans.” Mr. Kibak mentions his frustration over the human rights dispute in Qatar. “It was very disappointing how they chose that nation to host this thing that is so important to me.” Although the country is having issues, these problems should be acknowledged and discussed. Nonetheless, players and teams have voiced their frustration and will give it their all for this tournament. 

With the World Cup commencing, it is time to cherish those moments with family and watch as many games as possible. The World Cup unites people and creates a sense of community, connecting teachers and students in Terra Linda High School. This time around, it will be a remarkable and competitive run for the players and the fans!