Student Tutoring at TL

Annie Carmona

As the 2022-2023 school year progresses and classes become more and more difficult, Terra Linda High School has reinstated a free academic tutoring program for all students in need. This resource not only provides the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring with a teacher but also the option for peer tutoring with a fellow student who is comfortable with the subject at hand. 

The library department started a tutoring program a few years ago, but a new tutoring coordinator has helped revamp the program just this year. Steven Coleman was previously a social science teacher for 24 years, however, he recently switched to being the tutoring coordinator for the program. Coleman is responsible for matching tutees with a student who is best fit for their subject and needs by arranging their schedules to be able to receive tutoring in multiple subjects. Coleman comments, “I was really excited about the nature of the position and how much it could help students with providing tutoring support in a really widespread and systematic way.” 

According to Coleman, the new tutoring program consists of 13 peer tutors that students can be paired with. Adult tutors and group tutoring are also presented as options, in the event the student may find more support that way. Although math and science are the popular subjects for students to be tutored in, the new program allows for extra help in foreign languages, history, english and virtually any subject that’s taught on campus. 

Senior Pia Bacusmo-Rohmer began tutoring this year. Bacusmo-Rohmer specializes in French but has also helped a few students with their needs in pre-calculus. As of right now she is providing tutoring to one student consistently and on a set schedule but also helps other students from time to time. “Mr. Coleman came into my AP Calculus class and introduced students to peer tutoring  [when I was interested] since I love helping others.”

Spread across hallways on campus and posted on Terra Linda’s website, is a chart providing specific times, subjects and teachers that are offering tutoring. Depending on the certain area of study which a student needs guidance and assistance on, teachers provide help on various days consisting of before/after school, during 7th period and during Wednesday and Friday tutorials. 

Kathryn Lawrence, an Algebra 1 and 2 Honors teacher has been tutoring for this program for around three months now. She only tutors in math and has had about two students that have attended her tutoring sessions. “I would love to have more students join and although it has the tune tutoring which can be very intimidating to students, some students can think of it as homework help or maybe just a quiet place to do their work,” stated Lawrence. 

Teachers highly encourage students to utilize the tutoring services offered to them and gain the most benefits from this resource. The teachers providing meeting times are taking time before and after school hours to make sure students are understanding concepts being taught in classes. Lisa Crawford an english teacher at TL remarks, ”Sometimes tutorials are distracting and I think it’s nice for students to have that extra person they can talk to one on one”.