Athlete of the Week: Layla Harris


Terra Linda Cheer Team, from left to right: Scarlett Maguire, Layla Harris, and Emma Pearson.

Ellie Gilbert

Co-captain of the Varsity Cheer team, Layla Harris, a junior at Terra Linda and has been on the Varsity cheer since her freshman year. Layla has been cheering for three years at TL and nine overall—showcasing her dedication to cheerleading. She has also been on the competition team for four years which comprises of many stunts. Layla is a side base which is her favorite position. Side bases help lift the flier, the position who is famously seen as being thrown up into the air. They are crucial in the catching process making sure that they don’t injure their teammate.  

Aside from being a base, the aspect of cheerleading that Layla enjoys the most is the bond she has with her teammates that have lasted throughout her high school years. She states that she is still friends with the seniors that were on the team from her freshman year. 

During her freshman year, Layla was the only freshman on the varsity cheer team, but luckily she had a few friends on the team that she had known beforehand. She states, “It wasn’t scary because I had them, and because I knew them.” Layla’s teammate, sophomore Sophie Nolan, said, “Layla has a way of connecting with a lot of people, and helps us come together as a team. She is incredibly determined and she always wants to do her best under any circumstances she’s given and she’s just an incredible teammate.” Layla is very team oriented, and while she is always pushing herself to be the best  in cheer and encouraging her teammates to do their best.