Kicking Off the Football Season

Isabelle Stavsky

A correction has been made to clarify a possible conflict of interest when quoting a staff member of The Voice on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 12:50pm.

As the Trojan Football season continues, players, coaches, and fans are excited to see what this year brings. Varsity Coach Dallas Hartwell remarks, “The kids last year worked really hard, and they’re back this year–faster, stronger, more mature and they’ve learned more about football.” Last year’s season being the first back from COVID-19, players were able to get their padding back on and jump right back into action. Now those players are back and better prepared to tackle the season ahead! 

Not only have the players put time and effort into their football skills but they have also developed into a more united front and taken the time to bond with one another. Gabe Marins, middle linebacker and tight end, says, “We’ve all just gotten closer as a team, we do team bonding stuff like we hang out and stay after practice.” The players feel that they know each other better as people and as players which puts them in a great position to work together on and off the field this season. 

One thing that Cole Simon, defensive end and tackle, is excited for this season is “Getting to play games at home since we get to play some on the Terra Linda field.” This season, there will be some afternoon football games on our own field which we didn’t have last year. It will be interesting to see how playing on our own field will impact the student section’s spirit. Senior Cheer Captain Raquel Frankel states, “Seeing people in the stands is always the most fun when they are super into the theme and the game and the student section is very interactive. It always creates a super fun and exciting environment.”

Football games are unique in the sense that there’s more than just what’s happening on the field, it’s not just a game but an experience.  Junior Neo Racines agrees “The atmosphere of the game, and just going with friends is really fun.” In addition to showing up to support the team, a lot of kids enjoy going to games to socialize and see school people out of school. 

Not only is it fun for students to go to the games, but the players really appreciate when people show up to support them. Cole Greene, a wide receiver/strong safety confirms this, “It’s nice seeing a lot of people in the stands, and seeing them all show up to our game. It’s really motivating when you’re playing on the field and you turn around and see people cheering you on and supporting you.” While Gabe Marins agrees, he also says it can be nerve-racking at times. “When people come to watch us we don’t want to disappoint anyone, we want people to come out and watch us win.”

Ellie Gilbert, team manager for Terra Linda’s football team and reporter for The Voice adds, “I see them on the sidelines, and I can see that they’re working really hard, they’re really excited, and they’re all really strong players. You know, they put a lot of effort into football and what they’re doing, so I hope they get the results they want this season.” 

So Trojans, get excited for a great season, and make sure to go to games and show your support to our very own players!