Athlete of the Week: Kai Walker


Bob Cullinan

Courtesy of Bob Cullinan

Ellie Gilbert

The 2022-23 school year is Kai’s 4th year playing football at Terra Linda and his 2nd year on Varsity. Recently, the Trojans had their first home game against Galileo High School at Miller Field. One of Kai’s highlights was his amazing performance at the game against Galileo where the Trojans hunted the Lions down to a 47-0 win. And our very own Wide Receiver Kai Walker scored a 60 yard touchdown along with an interception return for another touchdown! Kai also made a crucial touchdown during the game against Sonoma High School in the 3rd quarter, giving Terra Linda the lead in the first half. So far in this season Kai has 2 carries for seven yards, 5 receptions for 143 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions one of which was returned for another touchdown!

Varsity Football Coach Dallas Hartwell said that, “Kai is a really incredible athlete, he’s capable of scoring a touchdown on any given play.” Coach Dallas goes on to say that Kai is very team-oriented and he’s not afraid to get into action wherever and whenever he’s needed. Before gametime, one of Kai’s pregame rituals is to eat candy, especially Sour Patch to get him pumped up for his game. Kai takes football very seriously and hopes that his hard work and talents will allow him to play football in college and maybe beyond.