Welcome Back, Trojans!


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Alexander Rodriguez

Welcome back, Trojans!

We are excited to have everyone back, especially with the 300+ freshman student body joining the campus! This year, we are pleased to announce a high enrollment in our Journalism 1 class where we are able to explore and integrate our staff reporters’ creative ideas of writing, media production, and graphic design in our stories.

New in leadership is our secondary Editor-in-Chief, Evan Reich, who brings 2 years of journalism experience under his belt. Isabelle Stavsky, who showed dedication and utmost interest for growing the course in her first year now joins us as our associate editor.

Mr. Sanderson is joining us as journalism’s ambitious adviser for this school year. Mr. Sanderson, who is also a yearbook teacher and Career Technical Education (CTE) coordinator for the TL site, is set to bring future CTE certification to our class, where journalists become heavily involved in the world of media production and visual design of our magazine. Mr. Sanderson’s appreciation and support for this class does not end there. Along with potential CTE certification, he has advocated for equipment in our podcast productions, training and certification of Adobe InDesign, and camera equipment for developing photography training. 

Starting this year, journalism and yearbook students now have access to a full Mac lab. Reporters can now make use of a full featured Adobe suite of applications, which allow graphic design, illustrations, and full creative ingenuity.

Continuing from the end of last year, the editing staff hopes to pursue and develop our multimedia production in The Voice’s TrojanTalk podcast. With a fresh leadership crew and ambitions for the future, we welcome you to a new year!

For more information, questions, or comments, visit Mr. Sanderson or the editing staff in room 307 in the English hall.

– Alexander Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, The Voice