Let’s Get Weird


Andy Nguyen

Everybody is a little bit weird, whether we want to admit it or not, but it’s nice to know that you  aren’t the only weirdo in the world. 

People have habits that they do unconsciously or consciously, like looking away when lying or- opening and closing the refrigerator doors, expecting something new even though you just looked through it a minute ago. Connor Nelson, after watching The Batman, stated, “I only listen to “Something In The Way’ by Nirvana.”

A few things people tend to enjoy doing are breaking the clips of lead pencils, talking to themselves, daydreaming/space out in class, (which can sometimes lead to someone being creeped out because it appears like you were staring at them), biting your nails, twirling your hair, pronouncing silent letters to spell a word correctly (“is-land” or Wed-nes-day”), skipping the bottom two stairs and patting down your pockets to make sure you have everything. 

Many students have a habit of cracking their knuckles, fingers, back, hips, etc.… This habit is a common behavior enjoyed by many because it’s a good way of relieving tension or just for enjoyment purposes. Janet Briceno Escamilla, a senior student at Terra Linda High School stated, “In freshman year I would constantly lock my jaw to make a satisfying sound.” Hendy De Leon, another senior stated, “When it’s a silent class, I get the urge to crack my neck.” After asking Hendy why she gets that urge she responded with “I don’t know” which is perfectly fine because sometimes people do random things and they aren’t quite sure why. The underlying reasoning behind this could be that people want to be in control of their own lives so when they are told not to do something they would get the urge sooner or later to do it. 

Habits don’t occur right away, usually, an incident will occur that triggers an urge to suddenly want to do something, for example picking up a habit unconsciously after watching your favorite TV show, however, if you want to start a habit consciously you would need to start building it through repetition. The reason people get habits in the first place is that having habits can be efficient. They can perform useful acts throughout their day without wasting any brainpower thinking about what to do next. However, if you’re planning to break a habit, that’s a different story because habits exist so that you can do things without thinking about it, so how can you stop doing something you aren’t aware of? It won’t come naturally so you have to put a nice amount of effort and thought into it. 

Some behaviors are less common than others like for example: taking aesthetically pleasing notes. “When I take notes I like to make them aesthetically appealing even if they aren’t good notes,” commented a shy senior girl. In her case, she likes to use a lot of different colors so that her notes don’t look boring. Taking notes that look good can be entertaining and fun so it motivates people to actually want to study and by taking notes this way the information you learned can stick in your head

There’s probably not a single soul in this world that is habit free and out of the billions of people out there you most likely aren’t as special as you think you are either.