Random Acts of Kindness


Isabelle Stavsky

A single, seemingly random or insignificant act of kindness can impact somebody in unimaginable ways. While it may take a second to smile at a stranger, or moments to compliment someone in the hallway, that single act of kindness can leave a tremendously positive impact. 

Imagine passing a random kid in the hallway and complimenting their new ripped jeans or Converse shoes. That takes you a second but the kid could be having a terrible day, and your small effort of kindness could shift their whole mood. Like junior Gracie Scarborough puts it, “[a compliment] makes people’s day; you never know how people are feeling about themselves.”

Now, picture one of your teachers: overwhelmed, exhausted, and underappreciated. You write them a short email thanking them for all they do or buy them a cup of coffee. Those random acts of gratitude, remind them they, too, are loved and appreciated. Mr. Tow, English Department Chair, recalls, “My first week at TL, Friday night, I got an email from a nice group of four or five students and they just wanted to say that it was wonderful to meet me and they were excited to have me as a teacher. And that, you know, wasn’t required or even expected, but I was so grateful because often teaching is a really lonely job and so it’s so nice for people to demonstrate that care and attention.”

Additionally, Tow offered his opinion on random acts of kindness, specifically here at school: “I think it helps make the reason we’re all here visible.” 

We can all increase the amount of kind acts we do for others, but we should also recognize and appreciate acts of kindness that we receive. Especially now, living in an extremely technology-focused society, it’s important to really take time and connect with the people right in front of us. It’s important to notice when someone holds the door open for you, smiles at you in passing, or takes time out of their day to make your day a little better. 

Today being National Random Acts of Kindness Day is a great reason to be a little kinder, but today should really be taken as an opportunity to change our mindset around kindness. While grand gestures and special occasions are great, what really matters are the little things we do for the people in our lives.