The Among Us Impact


Andy Nguyen

Among Us. What happened to it? Well to put it simply, it’s had a pretty big impact on the world. The reason being that people across the world have at least heard of this game. A popular saying players use is something along the lines of “you’re such a sussy baka,” because of how ridiculous it sounds. The game isn’t as popular now as it was back in 2020, but the overused terms “sus” and “sussy baka” are still used today, mostly by the younger generations or older generations with broken humor. Although those words did not originate from the game, they became popularized by it. 


Among Us is an online game that takes place on a spaceship with players completing tasks in order to win, but there’s a twist. There’ll be some players among  your crew who are “imposters” or people who exist to keep  you from completing your tasks. If the imposters successfully kill all the other players, then the imposters win if not the “crewmates” win. To eliminate the imposters, the crewmates have the opportunity to get together and vote to decide who gets kicked off the spaceship. It’s a double edged sword, because you can also end up voting your own allies off. 


The game became popular during quarantine because when you have to stay indoors all the time and can’t communicate or touch people, other than the people you live with, you become less social. Among Us was the gateway to fixing that problem. It gave people the opportunity to communicate with others online without having to actually socialize with others through social media. However, by early 2021, the game began to die out, due to the repetitive aspect of the game which didn’t keep its player base engaged


“Sus” is short for the word suspicious. People would use that term to describe players who they think might be the imposters. “Sussy baka” (baka is Japanese for “fool” or “foolish”) originated from TikToker Akeam Francis, and caused players across the world to popularize the phrase “sussy baka.” If you think about it, it is a little humorous to hear, “you suspicious foolish person” coming from some random stranger out of nowhere. 


Luis Martinez, a TL senior, passionately stated, “I f**king hate Among Us;  all you do is walk around and say who is sus.” His statement was definitely justifiable because as time went on, the overuse of the terms “sus” and “sussy baka” have become ingrained in our brains, leaving two main types of people who care about such trends, usually those who say these terms ironically for fun or those who despise those words with a passion. 


I’m in the middle of the two types of people. It is annoying to hear those words over and over again but at some point it will get some laughter out of me. Maybe it might just be me becoming delirious from hearing those words so much or I just have broken humor either way those words haunt me day and night. How about you? How do you feel about Among Us?