I Tried An “Elvis Sandwich”


Recently, I heard from a teacher of mine about a thing called a bacon peanut butter sandwich? Not going to lie, it sounds pretty good and I eat bacon and peanut butter a lot but never together. I sort of had an idea of what it would taste like though. I was sceptical about trying it because it sounded like I’d have to put so much effort into making a sandwich that would probably last around 5 minutes. So, I looked it up and apparently it’s usually referred to as the Elvis sandwich or the Elvis and there can be other things in the sandwich too like bananas and honey, not just bacon and peanut butter.


The thought of adding bananas to this gave me the little push I needed to make this heartburn-inducing beauty.


I’ve eaten several combinations of all these ingredients before like bananas and honey with pancakes, a bacon sandwich, and obviously a peanut butter sandwich but never all of those together. It sounds atrocious, just like Disneyland’s fried pickle corn dog. Of course I can’t really judge it yet until I’ve tried it, but pickles are disgusting. Fight me on it. Anyways, after doing a little research on the sandwich, I began to realize how narrow minded I was because I never thought about making anything similar to the Elvis sandwich before. The honey with peanut butter combo was questionable because I wasn’t sure those two flavors would go with each other but I might as well try it. 


I decided to make this sandwich for my breakfast and did it by putting two pieces of bread into the toaster, and while I waited for it to toast, I fried myself some bacon. After those two were done cooking, I put peanut butter on the toast, bacon on top of the peanut butter, banana with honey on the bacon and then the last piece of toast with peanut butter on it over the bananas. It looked pretty messy because the honey and the peanut butter were dribbling a little bit from the heat coming from the toast and the bacon. When my brother stared at me probably confused and disgusted, I told him about how my teacher told my class that they tried a peanut butter bacon sandwich and said it was pretty hecking good. My brother just looked away like I was crazy and told me to tell him if it was good. 


It had a complex flavor. The honey and bacon went well with each other, which I expected because honey bacon is a thing but there was an extra sweetness to it because of the banana. I couldn’t really taste the peanut butter because the bacon overpowered it but overall it was pretty good. I’d rate it a 7/10 and it’s definitely worth trying unless you’re allergic to bacon like several people I know. I probably wouldn’t make it again for a while just because it was a lot of work but hey if someone were to make it for me, sure, I’ll eat it. My mindset when I ate it for breakfast was that since it’s for breakfast, I should have milk as a beverage, which was a bad idea because after about 30 minutes after, I felt as if I had loose bowels. And it was at that moment when I remembered my mom telling me when I was younger that oily things and milk don’t go well together. 


So besides from the after experience of this sandwich I’d say it’s something you should probably try at least once in your life even if you have to sacrifice your buttocks, unless you’re extremely allergic to any of those ingredients. I don’t want to be responsible for any deaths.