Is the Earth Flat? Are Birds Real? Was the Moon Landing Faked? Find Out Here.


Evan Reich and Nicole Service

In today’s society conspiracy theories are getting extremely popular and easy for people to distribute throughout the internet. The uprising in internet usage throughout the world has sparked many deep conversations involving the shape of the earth, the authenticity of birds, and if the moon landing performed in 1969 was legitimate or not. 

Now “cancelled” YouTuber, Shane Dawson had a series on his channel where he investigated conspiracy theories, this boosted the popularity of a lot of conspiracy theories. Many involve the government, others involve pop culture, but one way or another if these conspiracy theories are real they will affect every aspect of our lives. 

In recent years the question of the authenticity of birds has come up all over the internet. Videos have circulated stating that all the birds were killed by the government and replaced by spy cameras. One can look up the “the birds work for the bourgeoisie” on the internet and hundreds of videos will pop up. A Junior who wishes to remain anonymous states “I mean just watch  a bird for a good five minutes, especially the ones at In N Out, they’ll walk right up to you and just stare. Makes me think there’s a camera.” He goes on to say that there is a chance that birds can be real, but he just doesn’t think they are. He goes on to explain that the government controls the birds because of “domestic terrorism.” That the birds have secret cameras that spy on anyone suspicious. However, others think that drone birds go back further than just 9/11. Dating back to the 40’s and 50’s people have theorized about the fake birds. Most believers that the real birds were poisoned by the federal government in the 60s. Presidents such as Kennedy and Eisenhower were in on the scheme. By the 1970’s all the real birds were gone- just the robots remain. 

On July 20, 1969 America won the space race by putting Neil Armstrong on the moon. However, many remain skeptical of the truthfulness of the landing. A Junior here at TL explains, “how in 1969 Neil Armstrong can talk to the president[from space]. While in 2021, I turn a bad corner and don’t have service. Makes no sense.” The Junior also states that if one looks at the footage that wires can be seen. Others state that the placement of the shadows don’t make sense because there would only be one light source; the Sun. Therefore the shadows would be facing one direction, however, the shadows were going in many different directions as if there were multiple lights. A handful of people remain suspicious. Many think that the motivation for faking the moon landing is the Space race and the Cold War. The USA had a huge motivation to beat Russia to become the most powerful country in the whole world.

Ever since people can remember, there have always been “Flat Earthers.” “Flat Earthers” are people who don’t believe the earth is round, rather it’s flat. It’s even hinted in the bible that the Earth is flat, however, that’s up for interpretation. Some students here at TL believe that the Earth is flat. An anonymous Sophomore states “The bible will hint periodically that the earth is flat.” The student recalled while reading the bible with his class, Isaiah would refer to Earth as a circle, not a sphere. He later went on to do research and he came to the conclusion “that the Earth is not a sphere instead it is a flat like object in space.” People also state that all international governments know that the Earth is flat. The theory also states that Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding the disc shaped earth and the reason why non-government officials can’t go to Antarctica is because they will find out the truth about the Earth being flat. 

Whether you believe in these conspiracy theories or not it’s interesting to hear others perspectives. The internet is an amazing place to share thoughts and ideas. For example, many Flat Earthers follow @FlatEarthSociety on Twitter. This community shares their thoughts, feelings, and ideas on the flat Earth, religious or not. There is also the Birds Aren’t Real Campaign who seek justice for all the birds that were supposedly killed by the federal government. Even though we may not agree with each other it’s good to acknowledge another’s point of view and see where they are coming from. Feel free to do your own research and figure out what YOU believe is real or not.