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Four Horror Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good


After Halloween, the spooky season doesn’t feel over and ending it with a horror movie is always a good idea. It’s never too late too remember the feeling of Halloween, like the movie “Scream”, about Napa county, which was released on December 20, 1996.

 If you chose to watch a horror movie but don’t want it to get too serious and too scary, a bad horror movie is a good option to watch with your friends and get a good laugh. 

But finding a bad horror movie without heavy adult scenes or explicit abuse can be really hard, so here is a helpful list with four horror movies that are so bad they’re good! 

   Read all about the movie here before watching, each of them can have a trigger to you (ex. lots of blood or abuse).


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) – Dir. Tobe Hooper

 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Two is considered dark comedy. When the movie first came out people called it a “punch in the face of horror movies.” The plot follows a victimized radio host captured by the main character, Leatherface, and his cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall hunts them down. Directed by Tobe Hooper and released on August 22, 1986, the sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is considered totally different, as the first one was serious and really meant to scare. The second movie was pretty much about gore and bloody violence. If you are sensitive to blood and lots of violence, this movie is not recommended. 

Cult of Chucky(2017)- Dir. Don Mancini

Chucky returns to terrorize Nica after Curse of Chucky,who’s been confined to an asylum for four years. People around Nica convince her that Chucky was a figment of her imagination and she’s the one who murdered her family. 

  She’s started a therapy where they introduced a good guy doll and each patient reacts in a different way to it. After that, Chucky woke and weird things started to happen as he transferred his souls and played with the patients heads.

   Not only Cult of Chucky but all of the Chucky movies have a dark sense of humor, as the doll plays with its victims, and acts as a normal doll at the beginning, before going around killinng people. Nica thinks she’s the one doing it all and makes her situation worse. Don’t watch it if you are sensitive to abuse.

Sharknado(2013) – Dir. Anthony C. Ferrante

 This movie is about a “tornado of sharks.” A cyclone on the coast of Mexico throws a bunch of sharks and swarms in a ship killing everyone in there. The cyclone soon hits Los Angeles where sharks started to rain causing chaos in the city.The graphics are so bad is shocking and there are six sharknado movies. This movie is so terrible, and this makes it incredibly funny. It’s a perfect movie to watch with friends. If you’re sensitive to blood scenes do not watch it. 

Troll 2 (1990)- Dir.  Claudio Fragasso

A family during vacation travels to a small town inhabited by trolls, but the weird part is that those trolls are vegetarian and are trying to transform the family into plants. The little boy, Joshua, from the family knew about the trolls from the stories that his dead grandpa told him every night. Sadly, no one believed him or said that he needed help.

 The movie is considered a comedy horror film, and after a documentary about its production got the title “Best Worst Movie.”

 Trolls Two was produced under the title Goblins, but since they were insecure with the movie’s chances to succeed, they made it a sequel to Trolls,  but the movies have no further connections.

If you’re sensitive to trolls, watch Sharknado instead.

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Four Horror Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good