Planetary Plastic Problem

Imagine a world burning all day, animals and people dying, everlasting winters, and deadly storms more common than ever:  this is what happens if we let global warming run its course and take no action against it. Lately, we have seen an upsurge in the amount of plastics and climate changes that are unprecedented, causing outrage toward world leaders and politicians for letting the world deteriorate without changing legislation to stop carbon emission and plastic production. With the current climate change protests happening all over the world, it is time to join the movement and force leaders worldwide to change their laws and save the planet from ourselves before it’s too late to turn back and people are ready to go all out to stop this, and people like Jamie Margolin 16 are saying to the world  “Climate change is not a problem of our generation’s making, but apparently it’s now up to us to do the work that should have been done decades ago.

All around the world, students, workers, and people of all ages are joining each other on the street in protest, to push for legislative reform that could save our world. Many students and employees have already organized mass protests everywhere, in front of parliament, businesses, and company headquarters and while protesting in Germany young activist Greta Thunberg was quoted as saying “We are striking because we have done our homework, and they have not.” in response to the largely ignorant leaders of the world . 

In light of present day events, the youth generation has been the most proactive group in order to combat climate change and global warming, we can not sit idly by and wait for someone else to do the work for us and solve all our problems without our help. Students, children, and adults are banding together to protest against greenhouse gasses being emitted.  Even young people like 16 year old Greta Thunberg from Sweden who has been quoted by saying “We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable.”. She has had the chance to meet with dozens of politicians and world leaders, and has rallied people worldwide into protests, and marches on the streets against the colossal megacorporations like Exxonmobil, and the Saudi Arabian Oil Company that poison our atmosphere with carbon emissions and pollute our waters through plastic production and waste. 

However, if we work together as a united collective body of like minded people in protest and march, we can produce a meaningful change. According to Junior Laura Gravelle from Terra Linda “It’s very important to go to these protests in order to make your voice heard” and another student, sophomore Madison Dabbah explains that “marches will get more people involved.”  These climate change marches are important to make your voice heard to the legislators and politicians that have the real power to change our world for the better. 

Yet even though the evidence is staggering, and for many years scientists have been preaching these facts in major studies by NASA and National Geographic, maintaining that every year, glaciers get smaller, every year around the world which has already started to kill off the arctic animals like polar bears and seals that depend on the ice for a home and since the advent of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses being released into the air like methane, global temperatures have risen by 1.62 degrees F with most of this change actually heating up the oceans by 0.69 degrees. However, up until now we have been ignoring their warnings, and as a result it will take a massive effort to bring back our planet from the damage we have caused since the early 20th century. If we are able to unite and work together we can become the change the world needs to clean itself of the dangerous pollutants and in the words of Greta Thunberg “We deserve a safe future. And we demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask?”



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