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Prom is this Friday, May 17th, and that means the buzz is full volume! ASB recently  released his year’s theme, “Enchanted Forest.” Girls have excitedly sought out the perfect dress, sharing them on the Instagram account tlpromdresses2019 to avoid any potential “twinning.” Boys are getting fitted for tuxes, employing their moms to pick out a corsage. We are booking busses, renting limos, or (let’s be honest) coordinating Ubers to make it to the event, held the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco.  ASB spent months planning, and students are gossiping about who’s going with whom, the elaborate “promposals” unfolding across campus, and what music will set the tone for the year’s biggest, fanciest social event.


Last year the Senior girls aggressively opposed any Juniors wearing long dresses. This year, while it is still tradition for juniors to wear short dresses, the seniors are much more relaxed about it. If a Junior girl feels more comfortable or just likes a long dress better this year, the seniors, as a whole, will not be rude or aggressive, so wear what you like.


Senior Emily Switzer, who has been very involved in prom planning, gives us an idea of what to expect. Switzer hesitated to share too much, because she wants it to remain a surprise for the majority of students, but she did reveal a couple things. “The food is going to be really good!” She did share that there will be a doughnut wall. “Personally my favorite part is that you enter down a staircase– it’s like a movie moment.” ASB worked hard to give everyone a picture perfect prom.


Prom tickets went off the market last week, after escalating in price over the past weeks. Clearly, prom brings a lot of big price tags. Dresses can be even more expensive than tickets. But, the TL community  came together to support low income students by collecting beautiful, gently used dresses for those who might need a hand. If you’re still looking for a unique dress, you might also consider the ever-popular “thrifting,” ensuring your dress will be affordable, special AND environmentally friendly (did you know that clothes are one of the biggest polluters in the world?!). We vote with our money, so consider whether you want to break the bank on an overpriced dress you will wear for one night, then stuff in your closet for all eternity


Music is a super important part of any dance, and this year, TL students students had a say in what the DJ, (DJ Jeremy Productions, vintage from last year) , will be slappin’.Students added their  requests to a poster in the 100 Hall, and word on the street is we’ll be hearing “Old Town Road” without a doubt, and, thanks to some young whippersnapper, the Pokemon theme song.

It’s both an exciting and stressful time of the year, prom graduation and summer are all coming up as well as finals, AP testing and big changes for us seniors. Luckily, amidst all the chaos, there are opportunities like Prom, to celebrate our accomplishments, friends, and community. It’s time get all dolled up and turn it up. We hope everyone has a happy and safe prom you will remember forever!



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