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The Voice

The student news site of Terra Linda High School.

The Voice

The student news site of Terra Linda High School.

Happy Holidays from The Voice

Ode to Terra Linda

by Jason Tighe


Oh Terra Linda Breeze,

bringing the smell of juul vapor down the hall,

the chattering of nervous freshmen blend

with the groans of seniors fed up with it all


Oh Terra Linda Grounds,

tumbleweeds of doritos suffused throughout the campus

whispers of a student body indifferent and incognizant

of janitors crouching over the detritus


Oh Terra Linda Traffic,

“I hate these teen drivers!”

Parents exclaim, driving the wrong way down a one way parking lot

After 7:40, good luck even finding a parking spot


Oh Terra Linda Sports,

from tennis to track, baseball to basketball,

sweaty uniforms, tight-fitting leotards (I mean singlet)

Injured? Kit would know what to do


Oh Terra Linda PE,

shepherding the masses of sheep into the gymnasium,

thou must putteth on thy uniform,

thou must walketh aimlessly around the track


Oh Terra Linda Lunch,

soggy fries mixing with disheartened sighs,

take your 5 food groups:

cardboard chicken, cucumbers, chocolate milk, charcoal chow mein, chalky cheese pizza


Oh Terra Linda Teachers,

sarcastic or sensitive, sweet or sour, sassy or classy,

the backbone of our education,

if only your salaries matched your effort to see us thrive


Oh Terra Linda Administration,

running the show from behind the curtain,

casting light upon Terra Linda’s successes

Ms Dunlap, the passionate superhero and her two supportive sidekicks, a trifecta against truancy


Oh Terra Linda Counseling Department,

balancing the lives of 1200 students among the three of you,

understandably so busy,

if only I could get the schedule change I needed last March


Oh Terra Linda Couples Making Out in the Hallway,

disgruntled adults may mutter “get a room”

but secretly, deep down inside,

everyone else wants you to get a room too


Oh Terra Linda Seagulls and Crows,

cawing, squeaking, screeching, squawking,

eating scraps of food off the floor,

wait, that’s just another freshman


Oh Terra Linda Science Department,

Aufbau diagrams the chemistry of my soul,

mitochondria powers the cells of my heart,

if only physics could explain why they left me on read


Oh Terra Linda Language Department,

on adore parler les langues d’espagnol et français,

sin embargo, VHL lentamente nos está matando

French 3 students aren’t monkeys; we shouldn’t be left hanging


Oh Terra Linda English Department,

CLEAR paragraphs fail to clarify my claims,

extraordinary novels exhibiting themes of depravity and humanity

if only we could remember what an adverb is


Oh Terra Linda MSEL,

planting trees, going green

if only we could taste the sweet vegetables growing in your

Gmo-Free, Local, Organic, Non-Pesticide, Native-Species, Sustainable, Eco-Restorative Gardens


Oh Terra Linda Social Studies Department,

forewarning of the past repeating itself,

covering history without smothering the truth,

if only things were as simple as printed in textbooks


Oh Terra Linda Journalism,

14 strong, never wrong,

the only class more spiced and saucy than the kitchen,

stay tuned for a sassy semester two


Oh Terra Linda High School,

So diverse, so unique,

All-inclusive, from time to time cringe-inducive,

A place I’m proud to be a part of

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Happy Holidays from The Voice