Meet a Trojan: Natasha Saccardi

Will Hansell

What’s your name?

Natasha Saccardi

What grade are you in here at TL?

11th grade

What’s your favorite movie?

The Truman Show

What’s your favorite band or artist?

The Shins

Favorite Song?

“Just What I Needed” by The Cars

Favorite Teacher, why?

Mr. Tow because he’s a nice person and is fun, and I learn a lot in his class.

What’s your zodiac sign?


Favorite food?


What’s better: Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice Cream

Coke or Pepsi?


If you could go back in time to one era, which one would you go to?

Back to the Renaissance, and specifically go to Rome. I really liked the art from that period.

Any hobbies?

Art; I like to draw, collage, paint, and other arts. Anything arty.

What’s your dream career?

Being an artist.

Where would you like to work/live?

Europe, France specifically

Tell me something you think is important for us to know about you?

I like art.

Do you like TL, why or why not?

It’s good, I like it; however zero period and Monday schedules aren’t fun.

Do you have a quote to live by?


Any long-term life goals?

Not die.

What’s the last picture you’ve taken on your phone?


What’s your spirit animal?

I’ve never figured it out.

What would you do if one day you walked outside and found a lottery ticket and instantly won a million dollars?

Immediately go shopping a little, and I’d travel to Tahiti. Then I’d save the rest of the money for college and family.