Terra Linda Hops on the Lip Dub Bandwagon (But in a Good Way)


Marcus Zeidan and Marcus Zeidan

Terra Linda is the next school to hop on the lip dub bandwagon following in San Rafael’s and Redwood’s footsteps. However, we are taking a different approach. Our lip dub is being filmed over multiple days, usually one session per week, for a total of five filmings. Each of these days of filming includes a special theme such as “show your culture” or “wear blue and yellow”, usually occurring during Friday tutorials.


The lip dub is being put together by the ASB class, specifically sophomore Ryan Corr. Corr has done all of the filming for the lip dub and he has been the driving force behind the project. “I was looking at other schools and was seeing how they made their schools look so fun and exciting and I really wanted to show off TL, a school people don’t always think about as being super fun and exciting,” said Corr. Terra Linda does not receive the same amount of attention as some of the other schools around us, hopefully the lip dub will change that.


The lip dub has been a tremendous workload for those involved. “I spent a lot of hours thinking it through. It couldn’t have been possible without Emily Switzer and Evann Schultz. They both helped me out a ton. It was a lot of work from emailing the principal to find dates to fill, to creating posters and flyers, to working tables at lunch too.,” said Corr. The entire ASB class has also assisted Corr throughout the process of creating the lipdub, something Corr does not take for granted. The commitment made by these students Corr is significant during a time of the year when most can barely garner the energy to do their homework. Everything involved in the lip dub is the responsibility of Corr and his team. The commitment will soon pay off, and the entire school will enjoy the results of their hard work.


The final filming for the lip dub was on Friday, May 26th during the goodbye rally. This should be one of the best sections of the lip dub because the entire school was there to participate. Corr will spend the next couple of days finishing up the editing, and in a very short period of time it will be available for all of us to enjoy.


The Voice of Troy will be sure to have the video on our website for everyone to relish when it is completed.