TL Lacrosse On the Rise

Senior Cameron Ceccanti-Harris battles a Tam player for a loose ball.

Senior Cameron Ceccanti-Harris battles a Tam player for a loose ball.

Coming off of a moderately successful season last year (9-10) , the Terra Linda Boys’ Lacrosse team is looking to advance far into the playoffs this year. With returning seniors Roddy Marshall, TJ Carhart, Ryan Morris, Nich Barroloza, Cameron Ceccanti, Tim Zarehparvar, Aidan Howard, and Hunter Biel, the Trojans have the experience to give the MCAL competition a run for their money.

Although it is a daunting task, the team could even be in the running for the NCS championship. Last year, they made it to the MCAL playoffs where they lost to a very good Justin-Siena Braves team by a score of 11-2. They came up short and nothing was going their way. Even one of their key players, Ryan Morris, ended up getting his arm broken. However, the score did not justify how good the team really was. Just a week earlier they almost defeated the Braves team by a score of 12-11.

When talking with senior leader Roddy Marshall about the team’s goals with playoffs approaching, Marshall stated, “Our goal as a team is to win the MCAL championship and the NCS championship.”

Part of the reason for the Trojans success is their coaching staff which is lead by head coach Marty Jane. Who, since being hired as the team’s new coach this year, has really pushed the Trojan’s lacrosse team in the right direction.

“The coaching staff is good, I can really tell they want to win games and have fun doing it,” stated senior Tim Zarehparvar when asked about how he liked the coaching staff this year.

Another reason for the Trojans success this year is the brotherhood on the team. Senior playmaker Ryan Morris praised the team’s cohesion, “We’ve been playing for a while together. We are also friends not only on the field, but off the field as well.”

Morris, one of the key playmakers on the team, amassed 11 points in the most recent trouncing of the “cross-town rivals,” the San Rafael Bulldogs by a score of 19-1. When asked about what allowed him to do so, Morris replied, “My teammates who are able to put me in the right situations to score and to assist them.”

As April comes to an end, the team looks to make a name for themselves by going far into this year’s MCAL and NCS playoffs. Even if they come up short of their goals, the future of the lacrosse program here at Terra Linda looks to be in the right hands with Coach Marty Jane under at the helm. The team has gone from being ranked 134 in California to being ranked 79th.