Giving Voice with TL Artwork

For the third time annually, art from Terra Linda High School students has been featured in an exhibit at Art Works Downtown. The exhibit is called Giving Voice, and shows visual art made by students that represent current issues in a time of uncertainty.

According to TL art teacher Katy Bernheim, pieces had to meet the criteria for Giving Voice to be a part of the show. If she and the other art teachers felt that a piece was strong and focussed on issues, current events, or protests in relation to Giving Voice’s main themes, they were put into the show. As Ms. Bernheim put it, students “were engaged, thoughtful, thought about the issues, [and] thought about the best way to express that.”

Melissa Reed, a senior in AP Art, talked about her painting called “Melancholia II”, which was about self identity. It took her about two months to finish, and she considered it hard work and very draining. Senior Jordan Sachs-Armani, who’s been doing art as long as he can remember, took about three to four hours to complete his drawing because he likes to pay attention to detail. He talked about how seeing what his peers did in the show was far more interesting than just seeing his picture in the gallery. The other students in the show are from different art classes and made pieces through a variety of mediums. Each artist, like Reed and Sachs-Armani, brought their own unique style and voice to the gallery.

Giving Voice was thanks to the generosity of the art boosters and the OneTL fund. They helped pay for the gallery space and the frames, both of which are crucial. Hopefully the event will occur next year so that our students can continue to give their voice to subjects they care about through art. The show is at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael in the Underground gallery until April 8. The artists would appreciate any support from students at TL!

Melissa Reed’s Self Portrait

Jordan Sachs-Armani’s self portrait

You can find the work in the Underground Gallery at Artworks Downtown
The Artworks Downtown on 4th street